Smoking CBD hemp flowers has gone from nonexistent to a hot wellness trend. If market analysts are correct, smokable hemp products could easily rake in $300 million before 2025. While that’s a relatively small slice of the CBD market, please remember that smokable hemp is a new segment. There’s a whole lot more room for pre-roll joints and hemp flowers to grow in the ensuing years. 

Like THC-containing cannabis, there are dozens of distinct CBD hemp strains entering the smokable market. According to hemp connoisseurs, each hybrid offers customers a unique experience in terms of taste and effects. There are even a few hemp hybrids that mimic the flavors associated with iconic weed strains. 

Despite the novelty of smokable hemp, a few cultivars have emerged as the “cream of the crop.” If you’re new to hemp smoking, you may want to keep these celebrated CBD strains in mind. 

Fire Hemp Flowers — A Few Classic CBD Hemp Strains 


Everything you need to know about “Lifter” is in its name. You should feel “uplifted” when smoking or vaping well-cured Lifter flowers. Not only does this hybrid have a slight sativa edge, it has high traces of the citrusy terpene limonene. Many people associate limonene with euphoria and energy, which may explain Lifter’s status as a slightly stimulating strain. While Lifter won’t get you paranoid, the combination of CBD & sour aromatics typically helps users feel a slight head buzz. If you’re looking for a reliable strain for daytime use, Lifter may be your new go-to CBD flower.  


Made with a blend of the strains Early Resin Berry and ACDC, Elektra is beloved for its well-balanced effects. Often containing a 50/50 ratio of sativa-to-indica, this delightfully fruity strain has a high reputation in the MMJ community due to its relaxing properties. Patients often use Elektra to help unwind without experiencing the psychoactive effects of THC. In addition to sweet berry, prominent flavors in Elektra include dark chocolate, musk, and pine. While Elektra could be enjoyed at any time of the day, most people report the most pleasant experience after a satisfying dinner. 

Sour Space Candy

Smoking Sour Space Candy nugs will probably give you a “boost,” but don’t worry about soaring out of the stratosphere! The effects of this fruit-forward flower are often described as clear-headed contentment and euphoria. Sour Space Candy has traces of the famous hemp strains Early Resin Berry and Sour Tsunami, which contribute to the hybrid’s sweet aromas and slight sativa edge. People who are fans of sour diesel strains and mostly uplifting effects are the best fit for Sour Space Candy buds. 


OK, Cannatonic isn’t technically a “hemp hybrid,” but it’s impossible to talk about CBD strains without at least mentioning it. Bred in Spain, this mix of MK Ultra and G13 Haze was the first significant cannabis strain with a higher CBD-to-THC ratio. True, most Cannatonic cultivars have above 0.3 percent THC, but a few companies are replicating Cannatonic’s earthy & spicy flavors in hemp form. Those who live in states with recreational cannabis laws will have the easiest time finding historic Cannatonic nugs. Just be sure you double-check the THC percentage on your Cannatonic strain’s lab tests before buying them. 

Not Sure What Hemp Strain To Buy? Read Real Tested CBD’s Results! 

There are many unknowns in the current CBD industry, especially the novel hemp smoking space. However, CBD customers also have many resources to scan their products. For instance, Real Tested CBD now screens pre-rolls and CBD flowers from some of the biggest hemp farms on the market. After a quick scan of our expert reviews, you can get a good sense of which CBD hemp companies are worthy of your trust.

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