Aromatherapy may seem like a recent wellness trend, but it has a long history in traditional medicine. No matter what ancient culture you’re studying, chances are most folk healers used the scents of herbs or spices to elicit specific effects. There are now plenty of scientific reports that confirm aromas can have a profound effect on our psychology and physiology. 

The surge in demand for essential oils happened at about the same time as the hemp CBD boom. So, it makes sense that many entrepreneurs capitalized on these markets by creating CBD aromatherapy products. But do these hemp-infused essential oils have any bonus benefits for CBD fans? 

How Does CBD Aromatherapy Work? — What We Know About CBD Essential Oils

There’s little doubt in the medical community that certain scents can have a profound effect on patients. However, most of the recent trials on aromatherapy focus on aromatic compounds called “terpenes.” Little is known about how cannabinoids like CBD affect the endocannabinoid system (ECS) when inhaled. 

However, some reports suggest the ECS extends to our olfactory system. Indeed, researchers now claim we have CB1 receptors in our nose. There are also many ongoing trials investigating the efficacy of CBD inhalers for rapid symptom relief

Unfortunately, we can’t definitively say cannabinoids like CBD have a profound impact when inhaled through the nostrils. While there are many promising initial trials, it will take time before we fully understand how CBD works in aromatherapy formulas.

However, that doesn’t mean hemp-derived essential oils are worthless! Please remember that hemp flowers have hundreds of terpenes. Customers who order full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD essential oils will enjoy many natural aromatic compounds like limonene, myrcene, and beta-caryophyllene.

There’s strong evidence that these primary terpenes can positively affect mood. Some terpenes like linalool and myrcene also show potential as natural sleep aids. 

If CBD essential oils have high concentrations of hemp terpenes, there’s a good chance they will profoundly affect a person’s emotional state. Customers should research the common effects of terpenes in an CBD essential oil product to determine the best fit for their lifestyle. 

Do You Need a Diffuser to Try CBD Aromatherapy?

Turning on a diffuser is the most common way to test essential oils at home. However, that doesn’t mean customers need to buy one of these devices to experience CBD aromatherapy.  

Honestly, whenever you smell the terpenes from a CBD hemp product, you’re experiencing aromatherapy. For instance, as you smell raw hemp flowers, you’ll get exposure to countless terpenes. People who smoke CBD prerolls or vape hemp strains will also get a sampling of aromatherapy’s benefits.

It’s also worth mentioning many skin-safe CBD topicals have essential oils. As you use these CBD balms on your joints, you’ll probably get a few whiffs of terpenes or secondary ingredients like menthol and peppermint. 

Basically, any time you’re smelling terpenes from hemp extract, you’re experiencing CBD hemp aromatherapy. It may not “feel” as authentic as putting essential oil into a diffuser, but customers will experience the effects of terpenes when using raw hemp flowers or CBD topicals. 

Be Extra Careful When Ordering CBD Essential Oils!  

Customers often have many concerns when shopping for high-quality CBD products and essential oils. These worries are valid considering many companies don’t scan their products properly. It’s imperative for consumers interested in CBD aromatherapy to take a close look at third-party lab results. 

Certificates of Analysis give you a clear look into the quality of your CBD goods. Not only could you scan for toxic compounds like heavy metals, you can use third-party lab tests to examine the exact terpene percentages.

For more information on how to properly read a third-party lab result, we’d recommend looking through Real Tested CBD’s reviews. Whether you want CBD hemp flowers, oils, or creams, you’ll find dozens of CBD brands reviewed on our website. 

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