One of the main reasons people look to cannabinoids is for their relaxation properties. CBD in particular is associated with a gentle mellowing effect. For people struggling with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) this may sound like the opposite of what they need for managing their symptoms.

Counterintuitively, there is nascent research indicating that CFS symptoms can be improved through the use of CBD oil. CBD won’t cure CFS, but it can help those struggling with unmanaged torpor. 

How Does “Chilling Out” Help With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

As with many of the less obvious benefits of CBD, this one comes from researchers observing its effects on other conditions, and theorizing about how that might affect a particular set of symptoms. In this case, once again, its CBD’s potential as anti-inflammatory. Current research out of Stanford University posits that inflammation plays a serious role in CFS symptom severity. It stands to reason then that a supplement that can naturally reduce inflammation could have a positive impact in alleviating these symptoms.

CFS shows similarities to other conditions with a history of responding positively to CBD oil. Chronic pain and fibromyalgia to name a few. CFS patients are also commonly present with other conditions, like IBS, that are also potentially linked to inflammation. 

The anti-anxiety effects provided by CBD could also be useful in managing CFS. Underlying mental health conditions were linked to the development of CFS in a study from the University of Liverpool. Scientists have also identified a link between stress from perfectionist tendencies present in many CFS patients. This means that CBD’s ability to gently mitigate stress could provide relief to overall symptoms of CFS. 

Is CBD Oil Safe For People With CFS?

CBD supplements, when they are certified high-quality ones, are broadly accepted as safe for adults in reasonable health. As always though, if a patient is already using medications, including supplements, prescriptions, or otherwise, they should speak first with their healthcare provider. CBD can affect the absorption of various chemicals leading to potential issues, so its best to be safe and informed before trying it out. 

To this end, any CFS patients considering CBD products should be certain that the products they’re looking at are certified by third-party lab testing. CBD, and supplements in general, are not regulated by the FDA, so it falls to the companies producing these supplements to get their products tested for quality. Naturally, many choose not to, and the market is full of products of dubious quality. Testing has identified heavy metals and pesticides in numerous products with lofty claims on their labels. Always look for the verified products. 

Another thing to consider is the slew of additional ingredients added to CBD supplements intended for relaxation. Many of the products promising sleep or relaxing effects use other compounds known to have a sedative effect such as chamomile, valerian root, and melatonin. So be sure to check the label for the supplements intended purpose and always look for secondary ingredients. 

Real Tested CBD Can Help You Find The Right CBD For Your CFS 

The list of brands with laughably hyperbolic claims on their products is too long to include here, so if you are looking for CBD products in your area, check your local finds against our reviews of the best CBD products
We are not affiliated with any of the CBD products or companies we test, and back all of our reviews with the lab results for clear and unbiased results. Heck, you can even review the lab results by downloading them from the product pages on our website. You can check the latest CBD results on our website!

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