Even non-cannabis users know that this plant can make users feel an irresistible urge to eat snacks. However, this “munchies” reaction only seems to be related to the psychoactive cannabinoid THC. Researchers know that THC can ramp up the production of the hunger hormone ghrelin, which triggers the stereotypical “stoner snacking sesh.” 

So, does that mean non-psychoactive CBD oils have zero impact on appetite? Although CBD doesn’t appear to trigger a “munchies” attack, it does seem to influence how people feel before and after a meal. However, CBD’s impact on appetite isn’t as clear-cut as THC. New customers should understand CBD oil seems to have a subtle effect on appetite that may vary depending on your physiology. 

Will CBD Make Me Feel Full Or Famished? — Conflicting Data On CBD For Appetite

Although a few studies have explored CBD for appetite, doctors don’t understand how this influences our sense of hunger. Interestingly, some trials suggest CBD might gently stimulate appetite while others suggest it could make people feel satiated with less food. 

While CBD doesn’t appear to make most people feel famished, some studies suggest it can reduce nausea. People who feel queasy before a meal sometimes find CBD helps them eat foods they’d otherwise pass on. 

However, other tests show CBD may discourage people from overeating. Preliminary data suggests CB1 antagonists like CBD increase feelings of satiety, which makes people feel fuller with less food. There are also a few initial trials that suggest CBD may increase leptin production. Unlike ghrelin, leptin is crucial for making people feel they’ve eaten enough food. 

These conflicting reports have got scientists questioning CBD’s role in appetite regulation. The only feature most researchers seem to agree on is that CBD has a subtle effect on eating habits.   

Should People Use CBD Oil For Appetite Regulation? 

Since the research into CBD for appetite is so confusing, it’s difficult to recommend this hemp supplements for hunger management. Some customers may find CBD slightly increases or decreases their appetite, but it’s difficult to determine how CBD will affect you beforehand. 

However, if people want to try CBD oil for their appetite, they could experiment with various supplements and dosages. CBD oil is generally recognized as safe for healthy adults. As long as you aren’t on other medications and have a doctor’s approval, it should be OK to test CBD oils, capsules, and gummies.

You could take CBD oil anytime during the day, but many people recommend using it with a high-fat meal. Typically, you’ll experience the highest CBD absorption rate with a lot of protein. Why? CBD is a fat-soluble compound, so it has an easier time clinging to high-fat foods. 

Find “High Taste” Hemp On Real Tested CBD 

Full-spectrum CBD oil may have an unappealing “grassy” taste, but some customers claim it helps balance their appetite. Just keep in mind many CBD oils could contain excessive traces of toxins. Unfortunately, there are a lot of disreputable businesses that are selling CBD products without quality lab screenings. 

The only way to verify the “CBD oil near me” you see is OK is to request third-party lab tests. To make your hemp shopping experience easier, Real Tested CBD has compiled multiple lists of the best CBD products. Please browse the growing list of CBD brands reviewed on our website.

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