Paranoia is the most common severe side effect associated with marijuana use. Even MMJ advocates can’t deny that cannabis use can trigger psychotic episodes in many patients. However, it’s also clear that not every cannabinoid in the cannabis plant has a high risk of provoking paranoia. 

Most notably, the hemp compound CBD is non-psychoactive. Not only is CBD non-psychoactive, but some scientists believe it may positively impact anxiety and cognition. This has led some to question whether CBD might be a potential aid for those suffering from paranoia or related conditions like schizophrenia. 

Although CBD supplements may have a place in psychiatric care, please remember that the FDA hasn’t screened hemp extract for issues like paranoia or schizophrenia. Patients should never use CBD oil to treat or manage a medical condition, and they should always speak with a doctor before trying hemp extract.

Does CBD Have Promise As An Antipsychotic?

There’s not much data surrounding CBD’s use as an antipsychotic agent. However, scientists agree that CBD doesn’t operate on the brain as THC does. While THC binds directly with CB1 receptors, CBD blocks THC molecules in the brain. Recent data also shows that CBD may naturally reduce anxiety, which is good news for patients struggling with excessive stress.

Another trial from Heidelberg University found that CBD increases the feel-good endocannabinoid “anandamide.” Interestingly, scientists focused on CBD’s effect on schizophrenia patients. According to this preliminary data, CBD may decrease the frequency of psychotic episodes. 

There’s also preliminary research from King’s College London that suggests CBD may have natural antipsychotic properties. After reviewing multiple trials, scientists suggested organizing large-scale studies to better understand CBD’s potential for those struggling with psychosis. 

Remember that these preliminary tests are small and have yet to be confirmed in large randomized, double-blind, and placebo-controlled settings. Some scientists don’t believe CBD significantly affects conditions like schizophrenia. So, even though a few trials suggest CBD may help people with psychosis or schizophrenia, patients shouldn’t try hemp extracts without speaking to a doctor. 

So, Is It Unsafe To Try CBD For Schizophrenia? 

It’s never safe to try CBD for a mental condition like schizophrenia without a doctor’s approval. Although some preliminary trials suggest CBD can help patients suffering from psychosis, there’s not enough clinical data to fully understand how to use CBD safely. Also, CBD oil can have severe interactions with antipsychotic medications. 

Please remember that some CBD products could contain ≤ 0.3 percent delta-9 THC. There’s no doubt that THC’s psychoactive traits negatively impact those predisposed to paranoia or schizophrenia. Doctors aren’t 100 percent sure whether THC has a causal relationship with these mental disorders, but it’s clear that THC doesn’t improve these conditions. 

So, if a mental health patient is interested in using CBD, they have to verify the product they’re using has zero THC. Always show the CBD oil you’re considering using to a qualified medical professional before adding it to your diet. 

Screen Out THC With Real Tested CBD’s Reviews! 

CBD may have potential as an adjunct therapy for many mental health patients, but it’s too early to say whether it can help people with psychosis. Also, since many full-spectrum CBD oils have traces of delta-9 THC, most hemp extracts may not benefit patients with severe mental health issues. 

Real Tested CBD never recommends using CBD for conditions like schizophrenia without medical approval. Even if you have a doctor’s OK, you must carefully inspect your CBD oil’s third-party lab results to ensure there’s zero delta-9 THC. If you’re looking for THC-free CBD, please start with Real Tested CBD’s unbiased reviews of broad-spectrum and CBD isolate products. These hemp extracts should always contain zero THC concentration.

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