CBD supplements may be amazing, but they aren’t immune to the ceaseless march of time. As with every other food item, CBD oils will lose their potency the longer they sit unused. While CBD oils don’t “spoil” as fast as other supplements, they won’t have the same effectiveness after their “best by date.” 

Customers who plan on stashing a bunch of CBD products must understand how long this cannabinoid retains its potency. It’s also essential for hemp fans to learn how to properly store their CBD oils to slow down the inevitable degradation process. 

What’s a CBD Oil’s Average Shelf Life? 

Technically, CBD oil is in a constant state of degradation. However, most people claim this cannabinoid retains its potency for at least a year if you store it properly. It’s also essential to keep the original factory seal on your CBD products to slow the rate of decay. 

Once you open your CBD oil, you will expose your product to oxygen and light. These factors will speed up the degradation process for whatever cannabinoids and terpenes are in your CBD products. So, before you rip off your CBD oil’s protective plastic layer, please ensure you’re going to use it regularly. 

Although one year is a good rule for evaluating CBD oil’s shelf life, it’s always best to look up your product’s official expiration date. Typically, CBD brands print a “best by” date on their CBD oils. Please try your best to use your CBD oil before this date. While CBD oil isn’t “bad” after the official posted expiration date, it probably won’t have the same impact on your endocannabinoid system. 

What’s the Best Way for Customers to Store Their CBD Oil? 

Because CBD oil has a relatively long shelf-life, some customers prefer to buy their favorite CBD brands in bulk. Purchasing wholesale CBD is a great way to reduce costs, but buyers must know how to properly store their bottles of CBD oils. 

Please always keep CBD oil in a reliably cool, dark, and dry room. Light, heat, and moisture speed up the degradation process, so you must limit your CBD oil’s exposure to these elements.  

If you live in a warm & sunny state like Florida, you may want to consider putting your CBD oil in the fridge for long-term storage. The cooler temps in the fridge help preserve all of CBD oil’s delicate molecules. However, it’s not necessary to store your CBD oil in the refrigerator if you plan to use it within a few weeks or months. 

You may also want to contact your CBD oil manufacturer to see if they have special storage instructions for your preferred product. Generally, you can’t go wrong with a cool & dark shelf, but it never hurts to check with your official CBD brand. 

There’s No Point Storing Subpar CBD Oil! — Always Check Real Tested CBD’s Reviews  

No CBD oil will stay good forever — but some hemp products aren’t safe to take before their posted expiration date. Unfortunately, there are a ton of untested CBD products in the North American hemp market. If companies can’t prove their CBD oils don’t have toxins in a third-party lab report, you have to assume they’re hiding something.

Real Tested CBD pays careful attention to the lab tests of every CBD brand’s products. On our unbiased reviews, you’ll see easy-to-scan & objective results on what’s in today’s best-selling CBD products.

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