Unfortunately, there is no shortage of misinformation regarding CBD. Headlines reading “CBD: Medicine or Myth?” are not uncommon as the wellness trend continues to grow. However, there is a lot of factual information that deserves to be on the forefront of CBD news. So, let’s take look at what is fact and what is fiction and bust some CBD myths today.  

What Is CBD? 

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is one of many compounds found naturally in hemp and cannabis plants. CBD can be extracted and crafted into a variety of products like oils and tinctures, edibles and gummies, topicals, inhalables and more. 

Cannabidiol is one of the major cannabinoids found in cannabis and hemp plants. Unlike THC, another major cannabinoid, CBD does not have intoxicating properties. Rather, CBD is thought to boast a variety of potentially therapeutic aspects

Many people seek out CBD for use in managing stress or pain, getting better sleep, reducing inflammation, aiding in some seizure disorders and more. It is believed CBD can deliver these possibly therapeutic properties through its interaction with the ECS, or endocannabinoid system. The ECS is responsible for vital functions like our motor control response, emotions, appetite, pain signaling, inflammatory response and more. 

5 Common CBD Myths: 

CBD Is Illegal – One of the biggest myths about CBD is that it is illegal. CBD is fully legal for sale and production due to the 2018 Farm Bill. In the United States, hemp plants with a delta 9 THC threshold of 0.3% of less are legal to produce and distribute. CBD is available in all 50 states. 

CBD Will Make You High – Although both CBD and THC come from cannabis plants, they have very different effects on users. CBD is non-intoxicating while THC is considered psychoactive. CBD does have effects on the brain and body and can alter the conscious, but it is not intoxicating like THC

CBD Has Not Been Scientifically Researched – One myth about CBD that needs serious debunking is that the compound has never been scientifically researched. CBD has been researched for years, but new information is still emerging. That said, CBD has been proven to help with some conditions and there is even an FDA approved seizer medication called Epidiolex on the market today. More and more research is being done on CBD, but to date there have been studies on CBD’s effectiveness on stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, cancer treatment, pain management, reducing inflammation, addiction management and more.  

All CBD Shows Up On Drug Tests – Whether or not CBD will appear on a drug test is dependent on a few factors. CBD typically does not appear on drug tests, but THC can. First and foremost, it will depend on the spectrum of CBD you are using. There are CBD isolates, that should not show up on a drug test if they are produced accurately and only contain the cannabinoid CBD. There are broad-spectrum forms of CBD that contain more than one cannabinoid, but if produced correctly, should contain no THC and should not appear on a drug test. There are also full-spectrum forms of CBD that contain the full spectrum of cannabinoids found in hemp plants. These products will likely contain some THC and are more likely to show up on a drug test

CBD Is Addictive – On its own and in simple terms, CBD is not addictive or habit-forming. Because cannabidiol is non-psychoactive it should not lead users to form a habit of use. It has actually been found that using CBD could help in the withdrawal symptoms of addiction of some substances, according to the WHO

Do Your Due Diligence 

As with any cannabinoid-based product, it is key to always do your diligence in researching to find a reliable and safe product. Not all CBD products are created equally, so turning to third-party lab tests is a great way to make sure you are getting a product that has the spectrum you are looking for as well as passes on pesticide and solvent tests. 

If you are curious about trying CBD but are unsure where to start, turn to Real Tested CBD for the most accurate third-party lab tests and unbiased brand and product reviews. 

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