Alabama, Places You Can Find Delta-8

Medically Reviewed by Dr. Igor Bussel

Block for “best in [keyword]”

“Content Block: 150 – 200 words of unique content discussing:

– State legality ( – red states likely to not have landing pages. Dynamic “”in [state], delta-8 is [current status placeholder]…””

– Statement concerning current status – based from above link or custom content (preferrably the latter).

– “”Find/Search local stores where you can source these products below”” (not in love with this, need to workshop it a bit).”

Store/Listing Marquee (no need for content, pulled in via 3p iFrame).

“Q&A Block:
– two/three custom queries derived from local serp scraping (e.g. CO, WA, Etc.).
– Schema markup will also be fired in GTM (derived from the above). “