CBD oil is such a new and hot-button item that its hard to avoid hyperbole, hope, or outright wishful thinking when it comes to its potential effects and uses. While the pandemic fueled claims of “immune-boosting” properties, or even antioxidant-like protections, frankly, at this point, we just don’t know. 

This is a new and rising field, and the research is still developing. Right now we don’t have the full understanding we hope to have down the line, but for those interested in the benefits of CBD for their immune health its important to keep abreast of this information.  

The Immune System and CBD’s Effects 

The simple truth is that right now we can’t say with certainty what effects CBD has on the immune system. We know it likely does interact, and we have some information on it, but again, this body of research is growing and its conclusions are still years away. 

There are trends though, and current research is suggesting that CBD interacts with the immune system as a natural immunosuppressant. So maybe it’s not a silver-bullet against infections, or the next antioxidant, this is still great news for those affected by autoimmune conditions.

The research seems to indicate that CBD possesses anti-inflammatory effects that can reduce the severity of immune system responses. This suggests potential use as an all-natural tool to help manage symptoms in patients with a variety of immune conditions, including lupus, multiple sclerosis, and rheumatoid arthritis. 

Again, though this information hints at exciting potential, the research is still developing. Though we have studies suggesting interesting information, with some results trending towards the same uses, it will take a greater volume of randomized and rigorously structured clinical trials and studies to create a foundation of clinical knowledge. Never cease medications without consulting your healthcare provider, always consult with your physician before adding any supplement, even CBD, and no matter what your experience is with CBD, do no use it to replace medical care. 

What Those “Immune Boosting” Labels Really Mean

So if current research indicates CBD has potential as an immunosuppressant, why is it so common to see labels heralding it as an immune booster? Right now, there just isn’t any indication that it does anything to increase the efficacy or strength of the immune system. It’s marketing language designed to carefully avoid making a claim that could get them in trouble, but not backed up by any science. Don’t take it at face value. Always read the full label.

This isn’t to suggest that there are no benefits from CBD use on the immune system. While we have some data, there is so much we don’t know, and researchers have a theory that if CBD does boost the immune system in some way, then it does so indirectly. As an example, CBD has potential uses in stress and anxiety management. Stress is a risk factor in many diseases, and reducing stress results in fewer stress-related chemicals causing inflammation or risk for other diseases. This is an indirect benefit, but a benefit nonetheless. 

CBD products can also include other ingredients to produce a boost for the immune system. Combining CBD with various vitamin and herbal supplements such as turmeric, berry extracts, and vitamin-c can produce a combination that supports the immune system regardless of CBD’s specific effect in the mix. These supplements are likely boosting, but temper your expectations, especially when they sound too good to be true. 

Use Trusted Third-Party Labs to Check CBD Products for Immune Health!

It should be clear by now that labels are only starting points! Be cautious with your CBD products of choice, and make sure that you check all the claims the manufacturer is making. Up above, we listed a few supplements that are frequently packaged in with CBD for immune health, but those are not the only ones. Not all supplements are created equal. To be sure your CBD product holds up to close examination, see if it has been examined! Products with official third party analysis should have a Certificate of Analysis (COA) that shows an independent laboratory has identified all substances and ingredients in your CBD product of choice. 

New to COAs? Spend a few minutes reading up on it here at Real Tested CBD. We have myriad, easy-to-read reports on CBD oil from American brands.

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