It’s no secret that the hemp CBD market has skyrocketed since 2018. Shortly after the US federal government gave states the “green light” to produce, sell, and manufacture hemp, there was a massive spike in demand for CBD. Recent estimates suggest the global CBD oil market cap grew to $5.18 billion in 2021, and it’s expected to continue experiencing ~ 16 percent growth each year. 

Considering the prominence of the CBD market, it makes sense that many people are interested in investing in this industry. Indeed, after people experience CBD oil’s benefits for themselves, they often seek out ways to support this growing sector. 

Even if you’re not involved in the CBD industry, there are ways you could gain exposure to this market. Remember that the info below is for entertainment purposes and isn’t intended as financial advice. Please speak with a certified financial advisor before making any investment decisions. 

Potential Ways To Invest In The Booming CBD Industry 

Consider Cannabis-Related Stocks and ETFs

Arguably, the easiest way to gain exposure to the CBD market is to take a peek at publicly-traded companies on the stock market. Now that CBD is legal in the USA, plenty of businesses are raising funds by going IPO. No matter what trading site you use, it shouldn’t be hard to find dozens of tickers in the cannabis and CBD industries. 

If you don’t feel comfortable picking individual stocks, you could also look into cannabis-related ETFs. Since ETFs hold an assortment of companies in any given sector, they tend to be less volatile than buying individual names. Many publicly traded cannabis ETFs on the US stock market, including MJ and MSOS. 

Interestingly, there are even a few cryptocurrencies that have been designed to help resolve payment processing issues in the hemp and cannabis industries. However, altcoins like PotCoin and CannabisCoin are incredibly speculative. Even Bitcoin and Ethereum are highly volatile assets, but investing in these cannabis-specific projects is extremely high risk.

Research Venture Capital Firms Investing In Hemp CBD

Investors interested in getting in on the “ground floor” of hot CBD hemp companies might want to peek at cannabis-related venture capital firms. As the demand for legal cannabis and CBD hemp expands, more VC firms are jumping in to support emerging companies and technologies throughout the industry. In some cases, retail clients could opt to put a portion of their funds into these projects and reap some rewards.

This strategy isn’t as simple as picking a few stocks on a brokerage app, but it’s possible for those who are deeply committed to the CBD industry. Just be sure the VC firm you’re interested in working with has plenty of accreditations and a track record for safety before making any agreements. 

Ignite Your “Entrepreneurial Spirit” By Diving Into The CBD Market 

Besides investing in stocks of hemp businesses, please remember Americans can open legal CBD shops. If you have prior business experience and a deep desire to enter the CBD industry, you may want to consider creating either a brick-and-mortar CBD store or an e-commerce portal. Plus, many people in the agricultural sector get involved in hemp cultivation.

Please remember that every territory has different laws regarding the sale and cultivation of hemp CBD. Often, you’ll need to apply for a permit with centralized authorities like the Department of Agriculture to enter this market. It’s best to speak with a cannabis lawyer familiar with CBD hemp businesses to explain all the legalese that goes into opening a CBD business.

If registering a hemp CBD shop doesn’t seem like an excellent fit for you, please remember that the demand for skilled workers in the CBD industry is growing. Whether you’re interested in cultivation, transportation, extraction, or sales, there are plenty of opportunities to grow your career in the hemp CBD sector. Please visit reputable sites like LinkedIn and Indeed to explore potential career moves in this growing industry. 

Please Be Cautious When Investing In CBD! 

As mentioned above, the CBD investment ideas listed above aren’t intended as professional financial advice. Yes, the CBD sector is red hot, but that doesn’t mean it’s without risks. Investors should always do plenty of research with an accredited financial advisor to make the appropriate decisions for their portfolios. Please only consider the advice in this post as the starting point for your research into getting involved in the CBD hemp industry.

For those more interested in purchasing high-quality CBD products, please remember Real Tested CBD publishes reviews for dozens of US-based hemp brands. Our unbiased reports detail the lab results for each CBD item we test. Please check out our current picks for the best CBD oil at

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