CBD and delta-8 THC dominate today’s hemp market. Sure, other hemp cannabinoids have begun gaining traction, but nothing has surpassed CBD or delta-8 in terms of popularity. Whether you’re shopping in-store or online, you will find the most comprehensive array of products in the CBD and delta-8 categories.

Although these cannabinoids come from the hemp plant, they have dozens of noteworthy distinctions. If you don’t consider these differences, you may run into some unexpected issues when trying one of these hemp cannabinoids. 

What Makes CBD So Different From Delta-8 THC?

There are a few reasons CBD and delta-8 are in separate categories, but the primary reason is their psychoactivity — or lack thereof. You see, CBD is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid, but delta-8 has psychoactive features. Even though most people claim delta-8 is “less psychoactive” versus delta-9 THC, it will produce a “high” sensation. 

Technically speaking, delta-8 molecules land on the brain’s CB1 receptors to induce a “stoned” effect. By contrast, CBDhas an indirect impact on the body’s endocannabinoid system, resulting in a soothing and “clear-headed” experience. 

People who’ve never tried hemp before are at a greater risk of adverse side effects with delta-8 versus CBD. Although some people microdose delta-8 during a workday, it’s far safer to incorporate CBD into a daily schedule and reserve delta-8 products for at-home use. 

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Are CBD And Delta-8 Both Legal In The USA?

Legality is another issue that separates CBD and delta-8 THC. Even though there’s no federal ban on delta-8, more states target delta-8 rather than CBD. Due to delta-8’s psychoactivity and its relationship with delta-9 THC, many local legislators want it outlawed. So, there’s a greater chance delta-8 extracts aren’t legal in your state versus CBD oils. 

Note: This doesn’t mean delta-8 is “illegal” at the federal level. There’s no section in the 2018 US Farm Bill that forbids hemp-derived delta-8. However, each state could formulate its hemp policies, so customers must review their city’s stance on delta-8 before buying a product. 

How Do Customers Choose Between CBD vs. Delta-8 THC? 

After people learn about CBD vs. delta-8 THC, they often have a sense of which cannabinoid suits their lifestyle. In some cases, customers may buy CBD and delta-8 THC for different situations. For instance, CBD is typically a better fit for use during the workday, while delta-8 THC could help ease tension before bedtime. 

If you don’t have an initial “gut reaction” on whether CBD or delta-8 would work better for you, then you should take a few moments to write down your health goals. Generally speaking, CBD is the better choice for people new to hemp who don’t want a product that will interfere with their productivity. Delta-8 has a higher intensity that’s better suited for deep stress relief.

People who are new to hemp should start with CBD. After users get familiar with how CBD affects their system, they could consider experimenting with delta-8 THC later in the day. Just remember to take less delta-8 than you would CBD and always wait about 30 minutes to feel delta-8’s full effects. It’s also essential to refrain from delta-8 whenever you want to be productive or before driving. 

No matter which cannabinoid you choose, please remember it’s essential to ask for a third-party lab test. Only a third-party Certificate of Analysis will prove your CBD or delta-8 THC has legal delta-9 THC levels. These tests also verify your hemp extract has zero heavy metals or pesticides. 

To learn more about reading delta-8 or CBD lab analyses, please review all of the data available on Real Tested CBD.  

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