While desktop vaporizers are arguably the optimal choice for quality at-home use, they aren’t practical for on the go. 

However, new shoppers will soon notice distinct product categories in the portable vaporizer space. Often, vape shops will separate these devices into two categories: portable vaporizers vs. vape pens. Although both of these products share many similar features, there’s a reason they aren’t technically the “same item.” People searching for an easy-to-transport vaporizer must consider the distinctions between these products. 

What’s The Big Difference Between Vape Pens vs. Portable Vaporizers 

There are no official “definitions” for portable vaporizers vs. vape pens. If you want to get technical, vape pens should be considered a branch of “portable vaporizers.” However, there are a few features that put these products in different categories.

Vape pens should always be thin & cylindrical devices that resemble pens. Most often, vape pens are disposable and only accept e-juices. By contrast, a portable vaporizer can be slightly larger or have a different design than a vape pen. Portable vaporizers also tend to have higher versatility versus vape pens (i.e., some can accept dry herbs and concentrates), and they are rarely disposable. 

Generally speaking, portable vaporizers are “higher-end” — and thus more expensive — than vape pens. Since most vape pens are designed to be disposable, you usually won’t spend as much upfront to try one of these devices. However, considering you have to throw away a disposable vape pen every time you’re done, they can be pricier in the long term. 

Also, most portable vaporizers give users more options for managing their experience. Not only do some portable vaporizers take dry herbs plus CBD concentrates, they may have different styles of heating and temperature controls. 

Again, it’s worth pointing out that there’s a ton of variation in the portable vaporizer market. Depending on the brand, some vape pens may offer a more “luxurious” experience versus a portable vaporizer. While it’s good to keep the vape pen vs. portable vaporizer distinction in mind, please remember to review your brand’s reputation before deciding what product is right for you. 

So, How Do People Choose Between Vape Pens vs. Portable Vaporizers? 

Customers will have different opinions on whether a vape pen or a portable vaporizer is worth their money. However, vape pens are the better choice for beginners or long-distance travelers. Why? Well, remember that portable vaporizers cost less upfront and are usually disposable. These features make vape pens more attractive for new customers who aren’t sure whether they want to invest in a portable vaporizer unit. . 

Whatever Hemp Products You Vape, Please Watch Out For Lab Tests Results! 

No matter how fantastic your vaporizer’s design is, please remember it cannot salvage subpar hemp CBD extract. Whether you’re grinding hemp strains or using a CBD e-juice, you must ensure the item you’re vaping has exceptional third-party lab test results. If you don’t request Certificates of Analysis with your CBD vape products, you could be ingesting nasty solvents, heavy metals, and toxins.

For detailed info on the quality of CBD and delta-8 products, please don’t forget to check out Real Tested CBD’s unbiased reviews. Our team always emphasizes verified lab results to prove which CBD products live up to their posted claims.

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