People who are hesitant to try CBD often say they need to see more evidence that this hemp cannabinoid is safe and effective. Although universities have begun studying CBD, hemp has only been legal since 2018. It will take a few years to fully understand how CBD affects the endocannabinoid system. However, since the demand for CBD is so high, scientists are putting together many high-quality tests to examine hemp’s effectiveness. 

For instance, the company Radicle Science recently released findings from a substantial clinical trial involving 13 CBD oil brands. To date, this study is the largest to examine CBD’s effect on healthy adults. 

Spoiler alert: Radicle Science’s findings suggest CBD has positive effects on most patients! 

What Does Radicle Science Have To Say About CBD Oil? 

Radicle Science’s most recent CBD trial took place in 2021 over one month. Approximately 3,000 people participated in this study, each of which was assigned to one of 14 groups. 

The first 13 groups took a unique CBD oil brand every day, while the final control group took nothing. Throughout the trial period, researchers reviewed questionnaires from each participant to see if CBD made a significant impact.

Across Radicle Science’s five targeted metrics, CBD seemed to positively impact people’s health. The following bullet points show the percentage of people who noticed a significant benefit from CBD in the following areas:

​​‒ Quality of life: 22 percent 

​​‒ Well-being: 71 percent 

​​‒ Anxiety: 63 percent

​​‒ Sleep quality: 61 percent

​​‒ Pain: 47 percent

Radicle Science also found that most people felt the most significant improvement after about one week. Roughly 31 percent of participants said it took over one hour to feel CBD’s full effects, but another 30 percent said they felt CBD within one hour. 

In terms of side effects, nobody reported anything severe. In fact, of the 10 percent of people who said they had a bad reaction to CBD, everyone said the responses were “mild.” 

Was One CBD Oil Spectrum Better Than The Rest? 

A fascinating finding in Radicle Science’s study had to do with different CBD spectrums. As we already mentioned, each of the 13 CBD oils in this trial was from a different brand. Some companies used full-spectrum extracts, while others opted for THC-free broad-spectrum or isolate. 

Scientists were curious if customers would have a different reaction to these hemp extracts. However, according to this latest trial, there’s no considerable difference for each CBD spectrum. Scientists didn’t see any data that suggested full-spectrum products were more potent than broad-spectrum or isolate. 

Does that mean the “entourage effect” is invalid? Not necessarily. 

Please remember this was just one clinical trial. We still need more specific data on how cannabinoids and terpenes work together to fully understand the intricacies of full-spectrum CBD and the “entourage effect.” 

There’s Always Room For More Data In The Hemp Industry! 

High-quality research like Radicle Science’s recent survey is the best way to bring transparency and trust into the CBD space. These studies help legitimize the anecdotal reports on hemp and pave the way for sensible regulation in the CBD industry. 

To build on their recent findings, Radicle Science says it will begin research on secondary hemp cannabinoids. In fact, the Radicle Science team is already looking into cannabinoids like THCV, CBC, and CBG. Hopefully, with more large-scale, placebo-controlled studies, people will better understand which hemp products are suitable for them.

In the meantime, CBD customers must review unbiased reports on CBD brands. It’s impossible to feel CBD’s full effectiveness if companies aren’t correctly manufacturing their hemp products. For the most trusted CBD reviews in the industry, please read through Real Tested CBD’s findings.

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