Sleep doesn’t seem to come as naturally to Americans as it used to. According to recent statistics, at least 70 million people in the USA report frequent sleep disturbances like insomnia. There’s also evidence that more people than ever before are reaching for OTC sleep supplements, especially those with melatonin

Interestingly, there’s now a sizable number of people using hemp cannabinoids to help unwind before bed. Indeed, some customers get interested in hemp for its purported “sleep aid” benefits. While some hemp cannabinoids may help with sleep disturbances, a few compounds could deliver the opposite effect. Customers interested in hemp’s sleep-promoting benefits should focus their attention on the following three cannabinoids. 

Three “Dreamy” Cannabinoids For Insomniacs


The Standard Stress-Reliever: CBD

It’s impossible to talk about hemp cannabinoids without mentioning CBD. Not only is CBD the most abundant cannabinoid in hemp flowers, it’s by far the most popular in the global hemp industry. CBD also remains a top pick in the sleep health community.

A few studies suggest CBD may improve sleep quality and reduce night terrors related to conditions like PTSD. However, there’s still debate over whether CBD directly influences the circadian rhythm. Most scientists believe CBD’s natural stress-relieving properties are most responsible for its sleep benefits.

However, it’s worth pointing out that higher doses of CBD tend to have a sedating side effect on users. Also, many CBD supplements marketed as “sleep aids” tend to have secondary ingredients like melatonin, lemongrass, and Valerian root. Customers should always look at the third-party lab results of CBD supplements to see what’s in their formulation. 

Psychoactive Sedation — Delta-8 THC

If CBD isn’t cutting it, then it may be time to test delta-8 THC for sleep. As a psychoactive cannabinoid, delta-8 has a more pronounced impact on the endocannabinoid system versus compounds like CBD or CBG. Customers always need less delta-8 to have an effect versus non-intoxicating cannabinoids. 

However, the “delta-8 high” most people describe isn’t the “euphoria” often associated with sativa-rich cannabis strains. Instead, delta-8 has a reputation for inducing an “indica lite” body-heavy sensation that often results in sedation. 

There aren’t sleep studies specific to delta-8 THC, but most research into delta-9 suggests THC may increase sleep latency. However, unlike CBD, it appears THC has greater anti-anxiety benefits at microdoses. 

People new to psychoactive cannabinoids must start with the lowest recommended dose of delta-8. If you need more info on safely experimenting with delta-8 THC, we’d recommend checking Real Tested CBD’s Delta-8 Resource Center

The Legend of Languor — CBN 

Amongst cannasseurs, CBN has a long reputation for producing sleepy “stoner” effects. Many cultivators deliberately harvest their weed strains late to take advantage of higher-than-average CBN percentages. Interestingly, as delta-9 THC oxidizes, CBN takes its place. 

Although high-CBN strains have a reputation for inducing couch-lock sedation, there’s little empirical evidence supporting CBN’s use as a sleep aid. Despite this absence of data, insomnia patients continue to rave about using CBN tinctures, strains, and vape carts. There are also a few preliminary trials that suggest CBN may have stress-reducing effects similar to CBD. 

If you want more data on CBN near me, please stay tuned to Real Tested CBD. Although we focus mainly on delta-8 and CBD products, our team is fascinated by lesser-known cannabinoids like CBG, CBC, and CBN. You can find many educational resources and blog articles on all aspects of hemp on Real Tested CBD. 

Buying Hemp Supplements For Sleep? Always Screen Third-Party Lab Tests!  

Whatever hemp cannabinoid you want to try for sleep, you must request third-party lab results. Since the FDA doesn’t regulate the hemp market, manufacturers must submit their products for proper lab screenings. Plus, since many hemp sleep supplements have secondary ingredients like melatonin, you need to understand what’s in your supplements. 

Anyone struggling to screen their hemp sleep capsules should browse Real Tested CBD’s reviews. You’ll find dozens of high-quality reports on the hottest CBD and delta-8 brands on our website. We promise to scan the products we test in lab facilities to ensure you’re getting a transparent read on CBD supplements. 

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