As the global hemp market continues to expand, CBD brands are trying to find ways to distinguish themselves from the competition. One way CBD companies are establishing a presence in this competitive market is by offering unique CBD products. Besides standard CBD oils and topicals, some businesses focus on interesting CBD-infused beverages — including CBD tea!

Yes, there are many ways customers could add a little CBD to their tea time. But why would you want to do that? Is CBD tea genuinely effective? Before boiling a pot of water for a “cannabidiol cuppa,” customers should review the pros & cons of CBD tea.   

What’s The Deal With CBD Tea? 

CBD tea typically refers to traditional loose leaf tea or sachets that have some CBD infused in it. In other words, these teas have the same flavor as green, black, or mint teas, except that manufacturers add some CBD extract to the mix. However, you may find “hemp CBD teas,” which usually contain trichome-rich dried hemp flowers.  

There’s no special preparation for brewing a CBD tea versus a non-CBD-infused tea. After customers boil a pot of water, they can seep their tea bag for a few minutes before drinking. Many in the hemp community argue that seeping CBD tea for about five minutes helps activate the most terpenes and cannabinoids for a more profound experience.

However, there’s no evidence that CBD tea is more or less effective than other CBD edibles. Drinking CBD tea will probably have a lower and slower absorption rate than taking a sublingual CBD oil or smoking CBD hemp flowers. Typically, CBD tea will have a slightly weaker impact on the endocannabinoid system versus more direct delivery methods.

Still, some people believe tea’s naturally relaxing properties are a perfect compliment to CBD’s supposed anti-anxiety effects. Also, CBD may have unique interactions in the ECS if paired with other terpenes, herbs, or secondary cannabinoids. 

Is CBD Tea Something Everyone Should Sip On? 

Let’s start with the negative news: CBD tea isn’t the best choice for customers who want precise dosing and fast-acting effects. Like CBD gummies, it’s impossible to absorb 100 percent of the CBD in a hemp-infused tea sachet. Most CBD molecules will break down in the liver before entering the bloodstream, which means you probably won’t feel profound effects right away. 

However, there are a few positives associated with brewing CBD tea. For starters, CBD tea is more discreet than other delivery methods. People who like to microdose CBD during their workday can easily sip their CBD tea from a thermos to provide a gentle, non-psychoactive “lift” without drawing any attention.

Also, many customers like that CBD teas have extra benefits from tea leaves. Plenty of studies show most tea cultivars are loaded with antioxidants, especially high-grade green teas. Using a CBD-infused tea product delivers many of these benefits, plus a little extra hemp extract. 

So, while CBD tea may not be the most direct way to experience this cannabinoid, it provides a discreet, simple, and healthful way to add extra hemp to your diet. 

Looking For CBD Tea Near Me? Check Our Real Tested CBD! 

As CBD beverages like tea become more in demand, Real Tested CBD is here to help customers find the best CBD near me. In addition to our reviews of CBD oils, creams, and edibles, we now have a section dedicated to CBD-infused drinks. We also constantly monitor what new CBD brands are producing to give you unbiased, lab-verified details on the latest CBD products.

To find out Real Tested CBD’s current picks for the best CBD beverages, please check out our website.

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