New hemp customers often fear taking CBD at the “wrong time.” Even though CBD oil isn’t psychoactive, there are reports of people feeling drowsy after using it. So, does that mean CBD supplements are off-limits during the day? Will CBD affect focus and productivity at work?

There’s no easy way to determine how CBD oil will affect your body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). However, there are a few general features to consider when deciding when to use CBD. 

So, Is CBD Better Before Bed Or Before Work? 

You can take CBD oil any time of the day. However, if you’re new to this supplement, then it’s best to try it on a day when you plan to stay at home. CBD oil isn’t psychoactive, but it can trigger side effects in some patients. Everyone reacts to CBD differently, so it’s better to test CBD on a day when you don’t have to worry about being productive. 

Please don’t forget to write down your daily CBD dosage to better track its effect on your ECS. Generally speaking, larger quantities of CBD have a sedating impact on users. It’s more common for people who take CBD earlier in the day to use “microdoses” for enhanced focus and subtle anxiety relief. 

Please look out for any special secondary ingredients in your CBD products. A few CBD items are targeted for conditions like insomnia. In many cases, these “sleepytime CBD supplements” will have bonus compounds like GABA, L-theanine, or melatonin that boost CBD’s soothing qualities. Obviously, if these secondary ingredients are in your CBD gummies or capsules, you should only take them before going to bed. 

How Can You Tell When To Take CBD Oil? 

Typically, manufacturers will list the suggested usage and dosage of their CBD products on the label. You could also look at your CBD oil’s ingredients list and third-party lab results to figure out when to take it. 

If you see ingredients known to be sedating in your CBD formula, then you should reserve it for bedtime use. For instance, it’s popular to see herbs like Valerian root and lemongrass in many sleep-focused CBD gummies. Please only use these CBD products to help you fall asleep. 

Also, please remember that different hemp terpenes can sway a hemp strain’s effects. For instance, the terpenes myrcene and linalool are closely associated with sedation. On the flip side, many customers enjoy hemp strains with tons of limonene or alpha-pinene to help increase energy. If you’re using full-spectrum CBD products, it’s worthwhile examining the terpene percentages in your tincture before deciding when to use it. 

Whenever You Want CBD, Real Tested CBD Is Ready! 

There’s no “magic hour” when CBD oil will reward users with the “max effectiveness.” Figuring out when to use CBD products will depend on your preferred effects, your dosage, and the ingredients in your CBD oil. Ironically, it may take some “time” to figure out when it’s best to use various CBD products. However, most healthy adults don’t experience adverse effects during the day with low to moderate CBD doses.

If you’re confused about choosing the right CBD item, we’d recommend checking out Real Tested CBD’s current list of the best CBD oils. Here, you’ll find our latest picks for some of North America’s most impressive lab-reviewed CBD brands.

Dr. Igor Bussel, M.D., M.S., M.H.A
Dr. Igor Bussel, M.D., M.S., M.H.A is a clinician-scientist and ophthalmic surgeon. Before attending Chicago Medical School, he worked as a Research Scientist in a Healthspan Pharmacology Laboratory at University of California, Irvine focused on investigating the impact of botanical extracts and dietary supplements that can slow the aging process and add healthy years to human life.

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