Chances are you’ve heard of and maybe even tried CBD oil by now. Many people turn to CBD for a variety of reasons, from stress relief to pain management. If you are curious about CBD and how effective it can be for you, one of the many things to consider is the strength of your CBD oil. 

There are a wide range of CBD oil options out there, but not all of them are equivalent. There can be differences in spectrum and in strength, both affecting how your product will affect you. If you are looking for an extra strength CBD oil that can be considered high potency, let’s take a look at a few reliable options to start with. 

What Is CBD? 

First, a quick refresh on CBD. CBD, also called cannabidiol, is one of many compounds found naturally in hemp plants. Unlike another well-known cannabinoid called THC, CBD is non-intoxicating. That said, it can have effects on the brain and body. This occurs through CBD’s interaction with the ECS (endocannabinoid system). 

The ECS is a bodily system responsible for vital functions like our moods, appetite, sleep cycles, pain management and more. CBD and other cannabinoids have the ability to interact with the ECS, helping to promote homeostasis or balance throughout the mind and body. 

Why Does Spectrum Matter? 

The spectrum of the CBD oil you choose makes a big difference. There are three spectrums of CBD oils to be familiar with. There are CBD isolates, that are made up of pure CBD with all other cannabinoids removed. 

There are broad-spectrum CBD oil will contain CBD among other rare cannabinoids, but should be completely void of THC. Full-spectrum CBD oils on the other hand contain the full spectrum of compounds in hemp plants, including CBD, THC and other rare cannabinoids. 

The spectrum of your CBD oil can alter the way it makes you feel. According to a theory known as the ‘entourage effect,’ cannabinoids can be more effective when consumed together. Based on this, a broad-spectrum or full-spectrum CBD oil may be more effective based on its cannabinoid content. 

If you are looking to avoid THC, sticking to a CBD isolate or broad-spectrum product could be right for you. Otherwise, if you have no aversion to THC, a full-spectrum CBD oil could be the best way to go. 

What Does ‘Extra Strength’ Mean? 

When it comes to CBD oils, all the different spectrums can be found with the claim of ‘extra strength.’ In CBD, there is not set amount per product that qualifies it as being extra strength, but you can expect that products labeled as such will contain a concentrated dose of CBD. 

A more concentrated CBD oil could be great for those looking for stronger effects to combat anxiety or chronic pain. If you are looking for an extra strength CBD oil, try to find something that has at least 50mg of CBD per 0.5ml of a 30ml bottle

Always Turn to Third-Party Lab Tested Products 

One of the best ways to make sure you are purchasing a product that is extra strength is to turn to third-party lab test results. This way you can see the actual CBD milligram amount in your oil of choice, while double checking all label claims are accurate. 

Third-party lab tests give you more insight to the levels of CBD present, but also other rare cannabinoids. If you are shopping for a CBD isolate or broad-spectrum oil to avoid THC, third-party lab tests can be a great asset to actually avoiding THC. 

By relying on third-party lab test results, you can take the guesswork out of making an informed CBD purchase. Whether you are looking for exact CBD concentrations, levels of other rare cannabinoids and THC, or passes on solvent and pesticide tests, everything you need to know is in one easy place

4 Extra Strength CBD Oils to Try 

Here are four tried and tested ‘extra strength’ CBD oils to give a go! Backed by accurate third-party lab test results, these are perfect options for a high-dose CBD oil: 

Butler Hemp Co. Full-Spectrum 3000mg CBD Oil 

Lazarus Naturals Full-Spectrum 6000mg CBD Tincture

Tribe Full-Spectrum 3000mg CBD Oil 

Butler Hemp Co. Extra Strength 3000mg THC-Free CBD Oil 

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