People in the hemp community always agree that new customers should start with a tiny CBD dose and gradually work their way up. However, not every hemp fan has the same opinion on the “best” CBD product for newbies. CBD isn’t as harsh as delta-8 THC, so it’s not as necessary to start with less-intense products like CBD gummies.

That being said, a few people claim CBD edibles are the best option for people new to hemp. If you’re struggling to choose your first CBD extract, you may find that hemp gummies offer the most positives. 

Why Do Some People Say CBD Gummies Are Best For Beginners?  

The top reason someone would argue CBD gummies are “best for beginners” is that edibles have a low absorption rate. This feature is “good” because there’s less risk for side effects. 

True, CBD has a low risk for adverse reactions anyway, but it’s always better to introduce a new compound to your body in small increments. CBD gummies allow customers to get a “preview” of CBD’s effects without a significant risk for adverse reactions.

Another benefit of CBD gummies is that they’re less intimidating than other delivery methods. Everyone can relate to eating candies, so it’s not such a giant leap for someone to try a CBD-infused treat. Contrast eating a few gummies with trying to convince someone to draw a CBD vape cart or a hemp pre-roll!

However, since CBD edibles look so innocent, they are easier to abuse if customers aren’t careful. It’s also common for children to mistake hemp gummies for non-CBD-infused treats. 

Parents and guardians need to keep these CBD gummies under lock and key far from a child’s reach. It’s also crucial for new customers to be extra strict when dosing their CBD gummies. Only take the suggested CBD gummy dosage and monitor your body’s reactions. It usually takes about 45 minutes for people to feel the effects of a CBD gummy. 

Only add one extra CBD gummy to your dosage the next day if you didn’t feel a significant reaction. Gradually increase your dose every day till you find the “sweet spot” for your body. 

So, Does That Mean Newbies Should Always Use CBD Gummies

While CBD gummies have many attractive features for new customers, please don’t feel you need to take them. If you want to jump straight into CBD tinctures, vape carts, or hemp flowers, please give these products a try.

Just keep in mind that most CBD extracts have a higher absorption rate versus CBD gummies. Therefore, you need to lower your dose of CBD oils, vape juices, or hemp pre-rolls to feel a more substantial effect versus gummies. 

You need to keep a dedicated CBD dosage journal for the best results. Record what CBD product you’re taking every day, when you take it, and how much you take. This info will give you the most precise sense of how much CBD is too much for you. 

Watch Out For Second-Rate Ingredients In Your CBD Gummies! 

As a final warning, customers must look at the third-party lab tests on their CBD gummies. Without FDA oversight, subpar CBD brands often use lackluster screening standards. However, every reputable CBD gummy company should know that third-party lab results are the best way to give customers a transparent look into their products. These Certificates of Analysis will tell you everything about the CBD edibles you’re about to eat, so be sure you read them before buying a product.

If you need help finding the perfect CBD gummies for your goals, please check out the best CBD edibles brands on our website.

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