It’s getting common to see many people “spread the good news” about delta-8’s effects. From Reddit forums to cannabis-focused websites, many users are opening up about their experiences with hemp-derived delta-8 products. Although surveys suggest most people use delta-8 for stress, there’s a growing number of delta-8-related testimonials from the arthritis community. 

According to some anecdotal reports, delta-8 can have a positive impact on arthritis-related symptoms. However, patients must know there’s not enough scientific data on using delta-8 for arthritis. While delta-8 may have therapeutic potential, arthritis patients must listen to their doctor’s advice before trying this cannabinoid. 

How Should Arthritis Patients Use Delta-8 THC?

Unfortunately, there’s no clinical data on how delta-8 affects people living with arthritis. However, a few preliminary trials show delta-9 THC might relieve arthritis-related pain and inflammation in rats. Since delta-8 is so similar to delta-9, some people argue it’s likely delta-8 has a similarly positive effect. 

Many customers also believe delta-8 has potent anti-inflammatory and anti-stress properties. Indeed, there are now a few university-backed surveys that show people who take delta-8 tend to experience “body-heavy” relaxation and anxiety reduction. These pleasant effects may explain why some arthritis patients report symptom reduction after taking this cannabinoid. 

However, since we still don’t have studies on using delta-8 for arthritis, patients need to be wary of using this cannabinoid without a doctor’s approval. Delta-8 might be a viable adjunct therapy, but there are too many questions about its long-term effects on arthritis. Also, some evidence suggests delta-8 can interact with prescription medications. People who are already taking pills for arthritis shouldn’t take delta-8 without speaking to their primary care physician. 

Is Delta-8 Better Than CBD For Arthritis? 

There’s more research into using CBD for arthritis than delta-8. Not only that, most of the studies on CBD for arthritis show promising results. For instance, a Cornell University trial of dogs with arthritis found that CBD decreased knee swelling and pain. There’s also data from the University of Kentucky that suggests CBD creams could reduce knee inflammation in rats. 

True, we still need more clinical trials to validate these promising findings. However, more doctors are willing to let arthritis patients use CBD oils and topicals versus delta-8. Not only is there more research backing up CBD’s effectiveness, this cannabinoid is non-intoxicating. As a bonus, CBD’s legal status isn’t as contested as delta-8 THC — especially in states with zero medical marijuana policies. 

While CBD might not work for every arthritis patient, it seems to be a safer alternative to delta-8. Just remember that CBD can also interact with prescription drugs. Customers should speak with a medical professional before adding any hemp-derived product to their treatment regimen. 

Confused About Delta-8? Real Tested CBD Has All The Answers! 

Since delta-8 is such a controversial cannabinoid, it has recently attracted a lot of attention. There’s also a lot of misinformation surrounding what hemp delta-8 is, whether it’s legal, and how it affects the human body. 

To help customers decide whether to use delta-8 THC, Real Tested CBD created a Delta-8 Resource Center. Here, customers can find all the latest science-backed data on delta-8 THC and dozens of delta-8 brand reviews. We hope this objective information can help those interested in delta-8 have a safe and positive experience.

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