Even “THC tolerant” states take a strict stance toward drugged driving. Indeed, as cannabis becomes more accessible, many police troops have stepped up their game in enforcing marijuana DUI laws. There’s no question that weed while behind the wheel carries significant consequences. 

But what do these harsh cannabis DUI laws mean for delta-8 THC? Most anecdotal reports suggest delta-8 isn’t as psychoactive as delta-9. Also, hemp-derived delta-8 is technically legal at the federal level. So, does that mean taking delta-8 before driving could qualify as a DUI?  

Will Delta-8 THC Trigger A DUI?

You will face DUI charges if police detect delta-8 in your bloodstream. Delta-8 may not be “as psychoactive” as delta-9, but it can impair motor function. It’s hazardous to drive after taking delta-8 products, and it takes a long time for this cannabinoid to leave your bloodstream. 

Indeed, since delta-8 takes so long to clear your system, you could face DUI charges days after taking a delta-8 supplement. Depending on how often you use delta-8, this cannabinoid could remain in your body for weeks or months. Since delta-8 looks similar to delta-9, most urine tests won’t distinguish between these cannabinoids. 

How Long Should You Wait Before Driving If You Take Delta-8? 

There’s no “safe time” to drive after taking delta-8. Everyone metabolizes delta-8 differently, so it’s impossible to say when this cannabinoid will leave your body. Also, delta-8 breaks down into many metabolites, some of which are detectable long after the primary delta-8 is gone. 

The more often someone takes delta-8 products, the greater chance they will have delta-8 in their body for weeks or months afterward. Even if you don’t feel “high,” you may still have delta-8 lingering in your fat cells. 

One thing’s for certain: It’s never a good idea to drive immediately following a delta-8 session. Most studies on delta-9 THC show this cannabinoid can impair a person’s driving ability. Although delta-8 is distinct from delta-9, it’s similar enough to warrant concern. 

People who plan on taking delta-8 should schedule their sessions when they’re at home and have the entire night to sleep it off. You should only drive the next day if you feel confident you’re in control of your motor skills. 

Please remember you could still get a DUI even if you drive a few days after a delta-8 session. There’s no way to know when delta-8 is out of your body, and standard drug tests will interpret delta-8 as delta-9. 

Please Stay Safe When Trying Delta-8!  

Delta-8 isn’t the best supplement if you need to drive a lot during the week. It’s better to take delta-8 on days when you can stay at home for a long time. However, just know that there are DUI risks associated with taking delta-8, even a few weeks after using this cannabinoid. 

On the other hand, many reports suggest CBD oil doesn’t impair a person’s driving ability. Studies out of Australia and The Netherlands have shown THC is associated with lane-weaving, but CBD oils have no noticeable impact. 

We’d strongly recommend motorists take a peek at Real Tested CBD’s CBD oil reviews. While delta-8 may be OK during long breaks and vacations, THC-free CBD oil is the safer option for people always on the road.

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