Although delta-8 proponents constantly point out that this hemp cannabinoid is distinct from delta-9, the two cannabinoids are almost identical from a chemical standpoint. Recent reports also suggest that both cannabinoids interact with the brain’s CB1 receptors. Therefore, it’s no big surprise that delta-8 users sometimes complain of side effects commonly associated with delta-9.

For instance, it’s common for customers to report a “cottonmouth” sensation after taking a delta-8 gummy, vape pod, or tincture. While not everyone experiences dry mouth after using delta-8 THC, it’s a side effect that new customers must know before trying this cannabinoid.

How Does Delta-8 Create “Cottonmouth?”

While we don’t have studies specific to delta-8 for mouth dryness, there’s a lot of preliminary research into how delta-9 THC influences our salivary glands. Most scientists who’ve looked into this issue suggest the endocannabinoid system (ECS) has a role in regulating the flow of saliva. When the body gets flooded with THC, it tells these cannabinoid receptors to stop producing so much saliva, which results in the sensation known as “cottonmouth.” 

These studies strongly suggest throat dryness is connected with this cannabinoid, not the consumption method. In other words, it’s not just smokers who get dry mouth. While smoking hemp flowers will irritate the throat, other non-smokable products can trigger the same cottonmouth response. Case and point: It’s common for people who eat THC edibles to experience severe mouth dryness. 

Please remember that this recent research is into delta-9 rather than delta-8. However, considering how many anecdotal testimonies claim delta-8 provokes throat dryness, it’s safe to say these cannabinoids have a similar impact on saliva production. 

Is There Any Way To Prevent Delta-8 Dry Mouth? 

Honestly, there’s no way people susceptible to dry mouth could “prevent” it before taking delta-8 THC. However, there are many strategies customers could try to help manage or decrease this uncomfortable symptom.

Most significantly, people need to drink more water — and not just after a delta-8 session! For the best results, hemp fans need to establish a rock-solid hydration routine. This means drinking plenty of pure water throughout the day. Considering most people in the Western world are chronically dehydrated, it’s safe to say everyone needs to increase their water intake to help produce sufficient saliva.

Once you’ve got your hydration under control, you can try a few secondary techniques that may alleviate dry mouth symptoms. These include chewing an ice cube, a stick of gum, or some beef jerky. Each of these items will distract your mind from dry mouth and help stimulate your salivary glands. 

Of course, those prone to dry mouth should avoid smoking and vaping delta-8 THC for better results. Even though smoking isn’t the direct cause of “cottonmouth,” it contributes to throat scratchiness and dryness. Using products like delta-8 tinctures and edibles can still trigger cottonmouth, but they won’t give you a “double-whammy” of dryness.

Still Curious About Delta-8 Near Me? Read Real Tested CBD’s Resource Center! 

There are a lot of baseless claims made about delta-8 in cyberspace. Since delta-8 is such a new supplement, there are still many things to learn about its average effects. However, we know a few things about delta-8’s use cases and legality.

If you’d like to learn more of the facts surrounding this hemp cannabinoid, we’d recommend checking out Real Tested CBD’s Delta-8 Resource Center. In addition to informative articles, this portal will help you find lab-verified delta-8 near me. Before choosing the best hemp extract for your lifestyle, be sure to read through all of our delta-8 THC reviews

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