It may seem odd that the CBD pet treat market has been skyrocketing while delta-8 dog treats remain dormant. Since CBD is so successful with four-legged friends, why wouldn’t delta-8 manufacturers want to get involved? Is there something about delta-8 that doesn’t agree with dogs and cats?

Well, the reason you can’t find pet-approved delta-8 near me has to do with how pets digest THC molecules. Most veterinarians believe THC harms pets. Although there’s still debate over the merits of using hemp and medical marijuana for pets, many vets have deep concerns over feeding THC to animals. Hemp fans must understand the risks that delta-8 could pose to their furry friend’s health. 

Is Delta-8 THC Toxic For Dogs And Cats?  

The data on delta-8 for humans isn’t super robust, so there’s even less to go on when evaluating its effect on dogs and cats. However, most respected medical authorities agree that THC has a greater risk of adverse reactions in pets versus humans. 

It’s unclear why THC seems to have such toxic side effects, but it may have to do with pets’ unique endocannabinoid systems. Although all mammals have an ECS, dogs and cats can’t process THC the same way humans do. Indeed, most vets believe THC causes a form of “toxicosis” in pets that can result in debilitating life-long conditions.

Although most studies and reports on marijuana poisoning in dogs focus on delta-9, delta-8 likely has similar adverse effects. Even though delta-8 seems to be less psychoactive than delta-9 for humans, dogs and cats don’t process THC molecules the same way we do. Indeed, some preliminary research suggests THC stays in a dog’s system for longer than in a human’s.

People who take delta-8 products should consider them poisonous substances for their pets. Please always lock these products far away from where dogs or cats can reach them. It’s also essential to use delta-8 products far away from where pets are. Dogs and cats have bad reactions to smoke produced by delta-8 flowers and pre-rolls. 

What Should People Do If A Dog Accidentally Eats Delta-8 THC? 

If you suspect your pet ate delta-8, you need to get them to a vet ASAP. The quicker you bring your pet to a trained professional, the better chance your pet will avoid severe reactions like tremors, extreme fatigue, and a coma. 

Please share everything about the THC product you believe your dog ate with your vet. The more info you hold back, the less likely your vet’s treatment will be fully effective. Even if you feel embarrassed, you’ll be risking your pet’s life if you don’t hand over the details of the item your pet ate. 

There are many possible ways vets can take care of marijuana poisoning, but a few of the most common include:

  • Induced vomiting
  • Medications
  • IV nutrition
  • Activated charcoal 

Your vet’s strategy will depend on the severity of your pet’s symptoms and the specific info you provide. With proper care, most dogs recover from marijuana toxicosis within three days, but your vet will give you more specifics on your pet’s prognosis. 

Does CBD Have A Similar Effect On Pets? 

THC is a scary substance for pets, but CBD may be a superfood. In fact, there are a few studies that suggest CBD may help aging dogs with arthritis. There’s also preliminary research that suggests CBD’s anti-epileptic features may help dogs suffering from seizures.

While it’s too early to say anything conclusive about CBD’s effects on dog and cat health, most vets agree it’s far better tolerated. Just keep in mind CBD can interact with other medications, so it’s essential to speak with your vet if you have a pet with pre-existing conditions. Also, not every pet reacts to CBD similarly, so keep the CBD doses small and watch over your pets for their reactions. 

Please Only Look For THC-Free CBD Pet Treats Near Me! 

Delta-8 THC isn’t fit for furry friends. However, many pet owners are raving about giving Rover 

a few CBD treats every day. If you’re considering trying CBD pet oils or treats, you need to verify they were made for dogs and cats. 

Also, please never assume the manufacturer’s label is telling the whole truth. You must get a third-party lab test that proves your pet CBD oil has zero traces of THC, heavy metals, pesticides, and solvents. You also must verify that your CBD pet treats don’t contain other toxic compounds like xylitol or chocolate.
For detailed info on the best CBD pet treats, please check out Real Tested CBD’s unbiased reviews on this page.

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