According to most mainstream science, marijuana and memory don’t mix well. Reports from prominent sources like Harvard Medical School and the National Institute on Drug Abuse suggest delta-9 THC could harm cognitive function. However, there’s still debate over how delta-8 THC fits into this equation.

True, delta-8 shares many traits with delta-9, but does it have the same impact on the brain? Is there any evidence to suggest delta-8 is no good for the mind? 

Could Delta-8 Be Good For Cognitive Function? 

To date, we don’t have long-term clinical trials examining delta-8’s effect on memory. However, a few preliminary tests suggest it may not have the same risk profile as delta-9. 

Most interestingly, the Hebrew University-Hadassah Medical School tested delta-8’s impact on a group of mice. Although this study was most interested in weight loss, researchers noticed that mice who took a dose of delta-8 seemed to have “improved cognitive function.”

However, it’s important to note that the scientists at Hebrew University deliberately fed rats low doses of delta-8 THC. So, on a microdosing schedule, it appears delta-8 THC has potential benefits for cognitive health.

This research aligns with recent findings on microdosing delta-9 THC from the University of Illinois. Scientists in this study were interested in how different doses of delta-9 affected self-perceived anxiety. Interestingly, people who took the least amount of delta-9 had fewer symptoms of stress versus those in the high delta-9 group. 

Of course, there’s no evidence of whether these recent findings on delta-9 spill over into delta-8. However, both of these studies strongly suggest different doses of delta-8 have dramatically different effects. 

Could Delta-8 Cause Short-Term Memory Issues?

While a few studies suggest low doses of delta-8 positively impact cognition, that doesn’t mean delta-8 can’t cause memory issues. Indeed, many customers report short-term memory impairment after taking a high dose of this cannabinoid. 

Similar to delta-9 THC, delta-8 will provoke a “stoned” sensation that could make users feel “spacey.” While not everyone reports memory issues after taking delta-8, it’s not unheard of. The best way to avoid this uncomfortable side effect is to start with a low dose of delta-8 THC and carefully monitor its effects. 

Customers should also consider what type of delta-8 product they’re using. Delta-8 vape carts and smokable flowers are more potent due to their high absorption rates. By contrast, delta-8 gummies and capsules have a weaker impact on the endocannabinoid system. People new to delta-8 should start with lower-intensity products before graduating to vape carts or hemp flowers.

Of course, customers must review the third-party lab results associated with their delta-8 THC extracts. Real Tested CBD only recommends delta-8 brands with sterling reports from accredited laboratories. 

Don’t Use Delta-8 As A Replacement For Professional Memory Treatment!

We don’t know a lot about delta-8’s effect on long and short-term memory. While there’s some evidence that delta-8 has therapeutic potential, we need more data to confirm these findings. 

Patients prone to memory-related issues should refrain from taking delta-8 until we have greater clarity on this cannabinoid. Please always speak with a medical professional before adding delta-8 or CBD to your supplement routine, especially if you take pharmaceutical pills. Delta-8 and CBD could interact with medications, so you must speak with a doctor before reviewing the hemp brands on Real Tested CBD’s website

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