Delta-8 is steadily entering every product category in the hemp industry. From gummies and tinctures to topicals and vape pods, it’s getting easier to find delta-8 in all of the same items you could find CBD in. There are even delta-8 fortified hemp flowers that mimic CBD-rich hemp strains. 

Yes, these hemp flowers smell and look just like CBD buds, but they have higher concentrations of delta-8. But don’t be fooled into thinking delta-8 hemp nugs have “naturally” high traces of delta-8. Manufacturers must add a few steps to their procedures before selling delta-8 hemp buds. 

How Do People Make Delta-8 Fortified Hemp Flowers? 

Currently, it’s impossible to grow hemp strains with high delta-8 concentrations. In most cases, hemp flowers only have about 1 percent total delta-8 concentration when they reach flowering. If companies want to offer delta-8-rich hemp flowers, they must “fortify” them with a delta-8 extract.

Typically, companies spray CBD hemp flowers with a delta-8 distillate to add this psychoactive cannabinoid to their strains. It’s also possible for hemp manufacturers to dip hemp flowers in a liquid delta-8 extract and let the mix set before shipping these nugs out. 

For more details on how manufacturers make delta-8 extract, please read Real Tested CBD’s previous post, “How Is Delta-8 Made?” 

Delta-8 flowers smell and look similar to the many CBD hemp strains on today’s store shelves. The terpene profile in your delta-8 nugs largely depends on the strain a company chose to use as the base flower and the delta-8 distillate. You should review the third-party lab results associated with your delta-8 flowers to determine which terpenes will be in your final product. 

FYI: There’s a high-potency category of delta-8 hemp flowers known as “delta-8 moon rocks.” These flowers are similar to fortified delta-8 flowers, but they contain an extra layer of delta-8 kief. These super-potent concentrates could have delta-8 levels well above 50 percent. Please start with lower intensity delta-8 products before moving up to high-potency delta-8 moon rocks. 

Will Hemp Farmers Grow Natural Delta-8 Flowers One Day? 

At this point, it’s too early to say whether hemp farmers will ever grow hemp strains with high concentrations of delta-8. It’s only recently that people have gone crazy for delta-8 THC, so there’s a lot we don’t know about how this cannabinoid evolves as the hemp plant matures. It will likely take years for breeders to discover a way to breed hybrid strains that already contain high traces of delta-8.

Many farmers are interested in growing novel hemp strains, so it’s not impossible for someone to develop a delta-8 flower soon. However, since delta-8 is such a rare cannabinoid, chances are it will take multiple cross-breeds until cultivators discover a way to highlight this cannabinoid. 

Learn More About The Delta-8 Industry On Real Tested CBD 

There’s a lot of info surrounding delta-8 online, but not all of it is backed by scientific evidence. New customers should review the highest-quality research into delta-8 THC products before deciding to dive into this industry. While delta-8 appears to have therapeutic potential, it’s not without risks. 

On Real Tested CBD, we’ve put together a Delta-8 Resource Center with dozens of articles dedicated to this compound. Please review our research on delta-8 THC products to find the best quality items for purchase. Always remember to check third-party lab tests to verify the delta-8 you’re getting meets high standards for purity. 

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