Is ‘Hill City Hemp’ Legit? – A Real Tested CBD Brand Spotlight Review

Does it seem like CBD is everywhere these days? Probably because it is. The rise of cannabidiol is here to stay! With the ever-growing market and abundance of brands, the amount of CBD products available to consumers are just about endless. However, more is not always better. Not all CBD is created equal, and finding a high-quality product sometimes goes looking past what is stated on a packaging label. 

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is one of many compounds naturally derived from cannabis and hemp plants. It has been found to contain vital antioxidants and strong anti-inflammatory properties that show beneficial for things from anxiety and stress relief to pain management and mitigation. CBD produced within the United States must come from cannabis or hemp plants containing less than 0.3% THC (the psychoactive compound commonly associated with marijuana), allowing CBD to be legally sold and distributed.

Here at Real Tested CBD, we bring the transparency needed within the new and growing CBD industry directly to you. We conduct independent lab-test results and reviews on a wide range of CBD products, from oils to edibles, beauty products, pets treats and everything in between. We test for purity, potency and quality, fact-checking all label claims and pesticide or solvent remains. Reaping the benefits of your CBD purchase can be done easily when you turn to Real Tested CBD for the most legit products on the market, backed by lab-test results and expert reviews. Today, we have a few products from ‘Hill City Hemp’ of Chattanooga, TN and we think you’ll like what you see from our expert review and test results:

“I believe that cannabis gives people the tools to put their mind in a better place. Our goal is to be here for those who aren’t using CBD. Those who might be using other medications that they are suffering through because they don’t know that there is a natural alternative. One that can treat their mind instead of numbing their body.  Hill City Hemp started as a passion project for me with a simple goal in mind: to have as many people as possible try this transformational plant. After I was able to change my life by utilizing CBD, my love for it kicked into high-gear and I knew that I had to share it with the world.” – Jaye Brewer, Founder, Hill City Hemp Co.

Hill City Hemp – Real Tested CBD Review 

Hill City Hemp CBD Full-Spectrum Soft-Gels – 900mg

Hill City Hemp – Real Tested CBD Review

First from Hill City Hemp, we have their 900mg Full-Spectrum CBD Soft-Gels. These magnificent little capsules are ranked second in our Best CBD Capsule category, with a high score of 91 out of 100. These full-spectrum soft-gel capsules contain most the major cannabinoids we like to see and they tested very accurate to the label claim, actually well above on CBD with 1260mg. These capsules also offer a great value to consumers, costing just about $0.04 per milligram of CBD and around $3 per milligram of THC. These capsules are truly a full-spectrum product and we highly recommend them if you are seeking out the full entourage effect and have no concerns over THC. Hill City Hemp offers a few capsule options with different potencies.

Hill City Hemp Full-Spectrum CBD Oil 

Hill City Hemp – Real Tested CBD Review

Next we have another fantastic full-spectrum product from Hill City Hemp, their Full-Spectrum CBD Oil. This oil tested well above the label claims for CBD, with a whopping 1340mg, and all the rare cannabinoids we like to see. This is another great value product for customers, costing around $0.04 per milligram of CBD and just $2.79 per milligram of THC. This CBD oil is ranked within our top 50 Best CBD Oils. This oil is made with coconut oil as a carrier, one of the most easily absorbed by the body, potentially upping the ante on the entourage effect. Hill City Hemp also has a few different potencies for their CBD oil to choose from.  

Hill City Hemp – Real Tested CBD Takeaways 

When it comes to buying CBD, especially online, there are endless options out there. Finding that perfect product for you or your pet can be made simple by turning to Real Tested CBD. As far as Hill City Hemp goes, the quality and reliability are most definitely there. We found Hill City Hemp to have some of the best quality products we have tested to date, and we look forward to testing more of their CBD products in the future! We highly recommend Hill City Hemp as a legit source for CBD. To read more Real Tested CBD Brand Spotlight Reviews, check here

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