The cannabis plant isn’t immune to mold. Indeed, mold infestations are an all-too-common occurrence in professional cannabis cultivation. Since CBD hemp is in the cannabis family, there’s always a chance mold could be festering in your favorite flowers. 

Unfortunately, since mold sometimes looks similar to bright white trichomes, inexperienced tokers may not know if their hemp buds have mold spores on them. For your health, you must review what mold spores look like and always inspect your hemp before rolling a CBD joint

What Does Mold Look Like On Hemp Flowers? 

Without a magnifying glass, it’s almost impossible to tell the difference between mold and normal hemp trichomes. Often, mold has the same white color that cannabinoid-rich trichomes have. However, after you zoom into a hemp bud with mold, you’ll notice that these spores have a distinct texture. 

Unlike the firm and straight trichomes, mold has a “fuzzy” appearance. You may also notice mold has slightly different colorations compared with trichomes. In addition to white, some mold spores could appear gray, yellow, or brown. Please examine each hemp nug with a magnifying glass to double-check it has zero traces of mold compounds.

Customers should also look for powdery “mildew” on their CBD hemp nugs. Some people describe this mold as “sugar specks” or “sawdust,” and it’s usually easier to see without magnification. If you suspect there’s even a slight trace of mold on your hemp flowers, please don’t use them. 

Is There Any Way To Prevent Mold On Hemp Flowers?  

It’s up to professional hemp cultivators to monitor for mold as they’re growing their CBD strains. Since mold is a common issue, many CBD farmers use ventilation, sanitization, and advanced humidity control to minimize the risks of an outbreak. Hemp cultivators also must adequately dry and cure their hemp nugs after harvest to discourage mold from growing. 

As a customer, the best way to prevent mold is to store your hemp buds in an airtight container far away from light, humidity, and heat. Mold thrives in hot & sticky areas, so keeping your nugs sheltered from high temps will minimize the risk of mold spores. 

Also, please be extremely cautious whenever handling your CBD hemp nugs. Before opening your hemp and breaking off a few bits for use, please wash your hands to reduce the risk of cross-contamination. 

The longer you wait to use your CBD hemp nugs, the greater likelihood they will start to develop mold. Since hemp flowers aren’t processed like CBD oils or tinctures, they have a similar shelf life to many produce items. Even if you store your CBD nugs well, they will decay faster than many other manufactured CBD items. If you plan to buy CBD hemp nugs, you should use them ASAP. 

Take Your Time Finding A First-Rate Hemp Farmer! 

Not all CBD hemp farms are created equal. Some cultivators are meticulous when growing their crop, but others could care less about issues like mold. As you shop for “hemp flowers near me,” you’ll soon find a significant variation in terms of quality. 

The only way to objectively preview a farmer’s CBD hemp nugs is to request a third-party lab test. Reputable hemp vendors should always send their CBD flowers to labs for an unbiased analysis. You could also check out the lab-verified hemp flower reviews on Real Tested CBD for more info on the best CBD brands in the industry. 

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