Smoking hemp isn’t the most popular way to enjoy CBD or delta-8 THC, but it has gained a considerable following on social media. According to recent estimates, the market for smokable hemp products is already around $80 million. It’s also getting easier to find pre-packaged CBD hemp joints online and in convenience stores. 

However, since recreational marijuana is still illegal, some customers express concerns over buying CBD hemp joints. Could you get in trouble for smoking hemp flowers in the USA?

What’s The Legality Of Lighting Hemp Flowers? 

If you go by the 2018 US Farm Bill, smokable hemp flowers should be legal in all 50 states. Like other hemp products, these hemp flowers must contain ≀ 0.3 percent delta-9 THC to meet the federal standards. If your hemp pre-rolls pass this test, the US government doesn’t have a problem. 

While that all sounds fantastic for hemp flower fans, there are a few nuances to bear in mind. First off, each state could revise the federal hemp policy. If states don’t want citizens smoking CBD hemp flowers, they could introduce local bans on these products. A few territories don’t allow people to sell or use hemp flowers because they look too similar to marijuana. 

This leads us to our second point: hemp flowers smell and look indistinguishable from illegal cannabis. If you’re in a state that doesn’t have recreational pot laws, police may not make a distinction between hemp and marijuana. You could face big fines if you’re charged with owning or selling hemp flowers in a non-cannabis-friendly state. 

The consequences for smoking hemp flowers are even more severe if you’re using a strain with extra delta-8 THC. As delta-8 fans already know, many states have put special restrictions on delta-8 products. So, if your strain is associated with delta-8 rather than CBD, it may be more difficult to argue it’s legal. 

Before you buy hemp flowers or pre-rolls from a vendor, you must double-check your state’s laws on smokable hemp. Generally, if you live in a city that has a relaxed recreational weed policy, you don’t have to worry about using hemp flowers. Everyone else has to be extra careful about smokable hemp products. 

No matter where you live, you must consume smokable hemp flowers in a private setting far from public view. Please never leave hemp flowers in your car or take them while driving. Even though CBD hemp flowers are non-intoxicating, police could easily mistake them for marijuana.

Does Real Tested CBD Have Hemp Flower Reviews?

As the smokable hemp industry heats up, Real Tested CBD has stepped in to cover this emerging sector. If you’re interested in smokable hemp flowers or pre-rolls, you’ll find many unbiased reviews of CBD and delta-8 brands on our site. You can follow this link to see our latest picks for the “Best Hemp CBD Joints.” 

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