When it comes to describing the CBD industry and the number of choices available today in 2021, endless is a good place to start. With the growth of the market and the boom in CBD brands, finding a high-quality product may not mean just picking at random. Buying CBD online can be simple, if you know the right places to look. 

CBD is one of many naturally occurring compounds found in hemp and cannabis plants. It can interact directly with the human body’s endocannabinoid system to help restore balance. Utilizing a high-quality CBD product is key to reaping the potential therapeutic benefits.

To make sure you are getting the best products on the market, fact-checking with third-party lab test results is the only way to ensure a legitimate CBD purchase. Real Tested CBD is a leading name in the world of CBD product reviews and independent lab testing. We give you everything you need to know before buying CBD online, from pesticide and solvent test results to potency and label claim fact-checking. 

Turn to Real Tested CBD and our expert scorecard rating system to get the best CBD product for individual needs, in just about any form you can think of. Today we bring you a few products from ‘Max CBD Wellness:’

“Here at MaxCBD Wellness, our proprietary extraction process ensures the preservation of nearly all beneficial hemp derived cannabinoids and terpenes while allowing us to eliminate unwanted compounds. All of our products are extracted using the purest, cleanest and most natural CBD extraction methods. Additionally our facilities stand in the most restricted quality standards according to the USA law. The end result is quite simply the highest quality broad spectrum hemp derived oil that contains no solvents, no heavy metals, and no pesticides” MaxCBDWellness

MaxCBD Wellness Soothing CBD & Lavender Cream

MaxCBDWellness Cream

First up from MaxCBD Wellness is their Soothing CBD & Lavender Cream. This CBD topical gets an acceptable recommendation from our experts, and a 75 out of 100 on our scale. This CBD cream did test accurate to the label claim, with 35mg of CBD. However, this product is missing some of the rare cannabinoids we like to see from a low potency product. With passes on all solvent and pesticide tests, this is a safe CBD topical to use. See how MaxCBD Wellness Soothing Cream ranks in our Best CBD Cream category. 

MaxCBD Wellness Pain Relief Cream – 1000mg

MaxCBDWellness Cream

Next, we have MaxCBD Wellness’s 1000mg Pain Relief Cream. When testing this product, we found it actually tested well above the label claim for CBD, containing over 2600mg of CBD. This is not a bad thing, but well above the label claim, so customers should be aware. This CBD topical also tested as a full-spectrum product because it does contain THC, but none of the other rare cannabinoids we would like to see. This is a very affordable option when it comes to a CBD topical, costing just about $0.03 per milligram of CBD.

MaxCBD Wellness Anti-Aging CBD & Collagen Face Cream

MaxCBDWellness anti-aging cream

MaxCBD Wellness Anti-Aging CBD and Collagen Face Cream is next up, with the number one spot in our CBD Beauty Products category. This CBD beauty product tested very accurate to the label claim and is full-spectrum, with 740mg of CBD and even 12mg of THC and 32mg of CBC. This skincare product is extremely affordable, costing around $0.04 per milligram of CBD. With flying colors on all pesticide and solvent tests, this CBD beauty product received a recommended review from our experts and is a very unique CBD product on the market.

MaxCBD Wellness Full-Spectrum CBD Oil – 1000mg

MaxCBD Wellness CBD Oil

Last but not least we have MaxCBD Wellness 1000mg Full-Spectrum CBD Oil. This CBD oil gets a recommended review from our experts and a score of 88 out of 100. Ranking just outside our top 20 in the Best CBD Oil category, this oil tested very accurate to the label claim for CBD with 1224mg. This oil is missing some of the rare cannabinoids we like to see from a full-spectrum CBD oil, but does contain THC and CBC (50mg of CBC!). This is a great choice if you are looking for a pretty high dose full-spectrum CBD oil at an affordable price.  

MaxCBD Wellness – Real Tested CBD Review

MaxCBD Wellness – Real Tested CBD Takeaways 

Finding a reliable CBD product online can be made easy by turning to third-party lab test results. Ensure you are actually getting your bang for your buck and purchasing a legit CBD product that works, but also has the quality you are seeking. Not all CBD is created equal, and when it comes to ‘MaxCBD Wellness’, the quality and reliability are definitely there. ‘MaxCBD Wellness’ has a wide variety of quality products to choose from and we look forward to testing more. 

Always turn to Real Tested CBD for your most reliable and unbiased product reviews. For more Real Tested CBD Brand Spotlights, click here.

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