THCP is the latest THC-related cannabinoid to pop up in the hemp industry. However, delta-8 customers must be super cautious before giving any THCP-related product a go. Even if THCP is from a legal hemp source, it will have a significantly different impact versus standard delta-8 extracts. Rushing to try the latest THCP vape pods could have disastrous consequences. 

Below, we’ll explain why researchers have so many reservations about THCP. Although THCP has potential use cases, most hemp customers should stick with delta-8 products until we know the whole story on this highly psychoactive cannabinoid. 

What Is THCP, And Why Is It So Scary?

Interestingly, nobody knew about THCP’s existence before 2019. Even more fascinating, a research team out of cannabis-restrictive Italy deserves credit for discovering THCP. According to a report from the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, doctors accidentally discovered THCP when examining a local cannabis flower’s chemical properties. 

While THCP is similar to delta-9 THC, it has one distinguishing attribute: more side chains. To be more precise, THCP has seven alkyl side chains versus delta-9 THC’s five. 

Why does this matter? Well, the carbon atoms in these side chains seem to have an affinity with our brain’s CB1 receptors. Since THCP has more of these chains, researchers believe they could dramatically enhance this cannabinoid’s potency. Conservative estimates suggest THCP could be 30 percent stronger than delta-9. 

THCP Is Illegal…Right? 

With such a high potency score, you’d think THCP would be outlawed. The funny thing is, since the 2018 US Farm Bill didn’t specify THCP, it’s not technically banned. Therefore, if scientists could create THCP with legal hemp molecules like CBD or delta-8, it’s not “illegal” at the federal level.

Of course, it’s essential to remember nobody knew about THCP until a year after the 2018 US Farm Bill passed. There’s always a chance federal lawmakers could add a THCP provision or include this cannabinoid in the DEA’s banned substances list. 

Also, in recent years, we’ve seen many states react negatively to the popularity of delta-8 THC. Some territories have sent police to confiscate delta-8 products from legal hemp businesses. There’s a strong possibility local municipalities could move to restrict access to THCP in the ensuing months. 

Customers should always be wary of ordering hemp-derived THC molecules, especially if they live in a state with strict cannabis laws. Please double-check the most up-to-date news on hemp legality before ordering delta-8 or any other hemp cannabinoid from online shops. 

Final Thoughts: Could Hemp Fans Give THCP A Try? 

Just because THCP is exciting and quasi-legal doesn’t mean it’s a wise choice for customers. Although THCP may have therapeutic uses in specific cases, there’s way too little research on its interaction with the human body. For most casual delta-8 users, THCP will probably prove too intense. Real Tested CBD strongly advises customers to stick with lower-intensity CBD or delta-8 products before venturing into the largely unknown THCP market.

You can find dozens of unbiased reviews on delta-8 and CBD brands on Real Tested CBD’s site. Please take a peek at our favorite vape carts, flowers, and edibles before spending your hard-earned money on hemp products. 

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