Along with chronic aches & pains, anxiety is a common reason people get interested in CBD oil. Many surveys suggest that most consumers primarily use hemp-derived CBD tinctures to naturally reduce psychological stress. As more patients struggle with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), it’s easy to see why CBD would be such an attractive option.

However, since CBD is so new, some people have argued that the “placebo effect” is responsible for CBD’s anti-stress effects. In other words, if people believe CBD will affect their anxiety, then it probably will. Many critics aren’t so sure CBD has inherent anti-stress properties. 

Although research into CBD for anxiety is ongoing, many university-backed papers suggest CBD has unique therapeutic properties for conditions like anxiety. Most recently, a trial out of Australia’s Orygen mental health group found that CBD positively impacted teens and young adults with GAD. Orygen researchers went so far as to claim CBD oil could be a viable adjunct therapy for treatment-resistant anxiety. 

CBD For GAD — What Australian Scientists Discovered About CBD For Stress 

In this recently published Orygen study, scientists monitored about 30 anxiety patients between 12 and 25. Everyone involved in this trial already worked with a talk therapist and didn’t experience significant symptom improvements. Researchers noted that these patients had “chronic” and “severe” anxiety. 

At the start of the trial, every patient took 200 mg of CBD per day. Researchers increased this dose to 400 mg in the second week in every group. If patients didn’t respond to 400 mg of CBD per day, scientists raised the amount to a max of 800 mg. 

Throughout 12 weeks of CBD supplementation, Orygen collected survey data from the patients and clinicians to track anxiety levels. Overall, 42.6 percent of those involved in this study found that CBD helped reduce their anxiety symptoms. The study authors also noted that CBD didn’t appear to have adverse side effects for study participants. Aside from mild fatigue, researchers didn’t notice any other alarming side effects from this treatment regimen. 

Does This Mean CBD Is Safe For Taming “Student Stress?”

Although Orygen researchers believe in the potential of CBD for anxiety, they are quick to point out this trial wasn’t randomized or placebo-controlled. To get a better read on their data, Orygen scientists are currently working on a larger-scale study with a placebo. The data from these big trials should help confirm the positive findings in the most recent CBD study. 

In the meantime, study authors claim that THC-free CBD oils could be a helpful adjunct therapy for students struggling with anxiety. A few placebo-controlled studies suggest CBD works better than a placebo for social anxiety disorder (SAD). Plus, since CBD doesn’t appear to have significant side effects, it may be a safe option to try under doctor supervision.

Just bear in mind that CBD can interact with other medications. If anxiety patients are already on prescriptions, they must speak with their physician before experimenting with CBD oil. People with pre-existing conditions should also ask their doctor for advice on picking the right CBD product and dosage for their needs. 

Take The “Stress” Out Of Scanning CBD With Real Tested CBD! 

CBD shows great potential as an anti-stress aid, but only if you’re using lab-verified hemp extracts. Indeed, if you purchase a poor-quality CBD oil, you could be swallowing high amounts of nasty solvents, pesticides, and heavy metals. Only CBD oils with legit Certificates of Analysis can provide the potential therapeutic properties CBD is known for. 

Real Tested CBD has hundreds of unbiased hemp extract reviews anyone could take advantage of. If you’re looking for the most reputable “CBD oil near me,” please take a few moments to scan the CBD brand ratings on our site. Our team of researchers only uses official lab screenings to evaluate the purity of CBD products

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