Even diehard cannabis fans must admit that delta-9 THC doesn’t affect everyone equally. Indeed, there’s emerging evidence that our genes predispose us to respond differently to this psychoactive cannabinoid. For some, using THC can be a profoundly uplifting and relaxing experience. However, it’s also true that THC can provoke severe paranoia in some patients. 

There’s also mounting data that hemp-derived delta-8 THC could trigger paranoia in some users. Even though most customers say delta-8 is “less intense” versus delta-9, that doesn’t mean it’s non-psychoactive. Delta-8 will interact with the brain’s CB1 receptors similarly to delta-9 THC. While recent data suggests delta-8 isn’t as potent gram-for-gram as delta-9, it has been known to provoke scary psychotic episodes in some customers.

While not everyone experiences “delta-8 paranoia,” customers need to know this side effect exists. It’s unlikely that a THC paranoia episode will cause a fatality, but it can be an incredibly upsetting experience for new delta-8 users. Thankfully, there are many strategies consumers could use to minimize the risk and intensity of THC paranoia. 

How Likely Is Delta-8 Paranoia — The Key Risk Factors For A Delta-8 Panic Attack 

There’s a big debate in the cannabis community over whether THC causes paranoia. Nobody denies that THC has a correlation with paranoia, but it’s unclear whether this cannabinoid exacerbates pre-existing conditions or it can create paranoia. 

Whatever the truth is, most scientists agree that people prone to anxiety have poorer responses to delta-8 and delta-9 THC. If you already struggle with paranoia or panic attacks, chances are higher that delta-8 will trigger an adverse reaction. Even though people often use delta-8 to manage anxiety, patients who struggle with this condition need to be extra cautious when dosing this supplement.

Speaking of dosage, many doctors believe the amount of delta-8 a person takes can influence the likelihood of a paranoia episode. The less delta-8 a person takes, the less likely they will have severe paranoia side effects. Also, people with a weaker THC tolerance will more likely experience paranoia even at a low-to-moderate dose. 

Lastly, the environment may play a role in the likelihood someone will experience severe paranoia. New customers aren’t as likely to experience profound paranoia if they’re in a controlled and familiar environment surrounded by friends and family. Delta-8 users will also feel less stressed if they know they don’t have any pressing deadlines or work assignments. 

What Can People Do To Reduce Delta-8 Paranoia?

Even in an ideal scenario with a low dose of delta-8, there’s a chance a new customer could experience paranoia. As mentioned in the intro, some people are more predisposed to this symptom. If you or a friend notices paranoia symptoms after using delta-8, it’s crucial to remember that this symptom should pass in a few hours. 

While it can be difficult to trick your mind into remaining calm in this situation, many cannabis users suggest trying to focus on your breathing during a paranoia attack. Taking deliberately deeper breaths should help your body feel a bit more relaxed as you wait for the height of the paranoia to reduce. 

Please also remember that an increased heart rate, dry & numb mouth, and involuntary muscle contractions (aka “marijuana shakes”) are normal reactions to THC. Just like the paranoid thoughts, these feelings should subside within a few hours. 

If possible, try to distract yourself with a comforting TV show or music as you deal with delta-8 paranoia. Some cannabis users also claim that sniffing black pepper and drinking pure water helps naturally reduce paranoid thoughts. 

Honestly, it will probably take a few hours for the delta-8 paranoia to finally subside in a person’s mind. Keeping this fact in mind should help new customers stay somewhat calm as they deal with this distressing symptom.

If friends and family are nervous about someone’s delta-8 paranoia symptoms, they should call 911 for help. While delta-8 paranoia rarely provokes life-threatening side effects, it can have intense effects at high doses. Please always schedule your first delta-8 session when you have plenty of free time in a controlled environment with sober friends nearby. 

Always Carefully Inspect Delta-8 THC Lab Tests! 

There’s no question that delta-8 THC can provoke paranoia. However, many secondary ingredients might contribute to a delta-8 cart’s adverse effects. Since the FDA doesn’t screen the hemp industry, many low-quality delta-8 extracts have traces of heavy metals, pesticides, and solvents. These impure delta-8 products can ramp up paranoia in people predisposed to this issue. 

Please always carefully review the lab tests associated with delta-8 THC before buying any product in-store or online. You could also take advantage of Real Tested CBD’s Delta-8 Resource Center for more fantastic info on delta-8 THC products. In addition to educational articles, Real Tested CBD tests dozens of delta-8 products to ensure you’re getting the best quality products.

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