Delta-8 THC will always face more scrutiny from legislators than CBD. True, a US federal court recently recognized hemp-derived delta-8 as a legal substance, but that doesn’t mean every American could stock up on bulk delta-8 products. In fact, if you’re not a licensed retailer, chances are you can’t legally own a ton of delta-8 in your home. 

Ironically, purchasing limits for delta-8 products aren’t as straightforward as those for delta-9 THC. However, a few states have put forward laws that suggest you can’t buy unlimited delta-8 goods. Customers must research their town’s hemp purchasing policies before deciding how much delta-8 to buy. 

So, What’s The Limit For Buying Delta-8 Products? 

There’s no nationally-recognized standard for delta-8 purchasing limits in the USA. The 2018 US Farm Bill doesn’t mention delta-8 THC by name, and a few federal judges have already said this cannabinoid is legal if it has ≤ 0.3 percent delta-9 THC. However, since delta-8 is synthetic and psychoactive, few states allow customers to purchase unlimited quantities of this cannabinoid. 

In most cases, if a state already has recreational cannabis laws, it will extend its delta-9 purchasing limits to delta-8 THC. For instance, Connecticut clearly said it extends its 1.5 oz possession limit for delta-9 products to delta-8 items. 

Remember that some states ban the use of delta-8. Even states that allow recreational cannabis could have special restrictions on delta-8 products. For example, the Oregon Liquor & Cannabis Commission doesn’t recognize synthetically-derived THC compounds like delta-8 and THC-O

At this point, purchasing and possession limits for delta-8 vary by territory. However, in most states that allow delta-8, customers shouldn’t exceed the max limits for delta-9 THC products. Even if delta-9 isn’t allowed in your state, look into the average delta-9 possession limits in territories with recreational laws. These limits may not be legally binding, but they give a good idea of where you should cut off your delta-8 purchases to be on the safe side. 

How Could Hemp Shops Order Large Quantities Of Delta-8? 

Ordering bulk delta-8 as a hemp vendor can be tricky given the current legal environment. Yet again, there’s no nationally-accepted amount of delta-8 that could be shipped to your shop. Plus, since every state views delta-8 differently, it may not be possible to work with distributors outside your territory.

If you’re trying to add delta-8 to your store’s inventory, you must be registered to sell hemp or cannabis products in your home state. Next, you must review your state’s laws on delta-8 to ensure it’s legal in your territory. After establishing these two features, store owners should speak with highly-rated hemp vendors who sell lab-tested delta-8 products

Many reputable bulk delta-8 vendors have experience shipping products to various markets. Please explain your business goals and the specifics of your delta-8 needs with various hemp retailers to develop a safe & legal strategy. 

Don’t Buy Any Delta-8 Without A Lab Test! 

Even if delta-8 is legal in your state, you shouldn’t max out your purchasing limit without reviewing each product’s lab reports. Third-party lab tests (aka Certificates of Analysis) are the only way you can ensure your delta-8 extract meets high standards for purity. These screenings will also fill you in on just how potent your delta-8 is so you can prepare for your experience.

Please remember that Real Tested CBD has a Delta-8 Resource Center where you can learn more about this cannabinoid. On our website, you’ll also find dozens of unbiased reviews on delta-8 gummies, oils, and flowers.

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