More US farmers than ever before are adding industrial hemp to their crop rotation. In fact, recent statistics suggest the number of hemp farmers in the USA is growing by over 20 percent year-on-year. Many cultivators see industrial hemp as the “greenest” addition to their fields.

Since more professional farmers are legally cultivating CBD hemp, many home-gardeners are curious whether they could plant hemp strains for personal use. If hemp-derived CBD products are legal under the 2018 US Farm Bill, does that mean growing hemp at home is legit? 

Harvesting Hemp At Home — What’s The Legality Of Growing Personal-Use CBD Hemp?

There are many nuances surrounding legal hemp cultivation in the USA. However, it’s illegal to grow CBD hemp in a private residence in most areas. Generally, your state will treat at-home hemp cultivation the same way it treats marijuana cultivation. Since marijuana is illegal per DC, it’s technically illegal for Americans to grow CBD hemp. 

The only people who can legally grow CBD hemp in the USA are farmers who have a license from their local Department of Agriculture. Legal hemp farmers also have to submit to multiple tests throughout the year to ensure their hemp has ≤ 0.3 percent delta-9 THC. 

However, there are cases and places where growing CBD hemp at home isn’t so clear-cut. For instance, a few states allow residents to grow multiple cannabis plants indoors. Also, some medical marijuana programs allow patients or caregivers to cultivate cannabis on their property. 

Although at-home marijuana cultivation goes against federal laws, it’s permitted in states with relaxed cannabis policies. These local laws usually don’t distinguish between marijuana and hemp, so it’s unlikely residents who choose to grow CBD strains will face severe repercussions. As long as people grow CBD hemp per their state’s marijuana cultivation policies, they shouldn’t face a legal issue. 

There’s a lot of ambiguity over who can and can’t grow CBD hemp at home. However, there’s no doubt that a farmer who has a state-approved hemp grower’s license could plant hemp seeds in their state. 

So, how does someone apply to become a legal hemp cultivator? Could anyone become an industrial hemp grower? 

Technically, anyone could apply for a hemp grower’s license if their state has a hemp cultivation program. However, these hemp licenses aren’t for personal use or small operations. You’ll usually need to submit detailed info on where you’re growing your hemp to the Department of Agriculture. Legal hemp farmers must also submit criminal background checks and pay an application fee.

Only people who are serious about commercial hemp cultivation should consider applying for a state’s hemp license. Please be sure you know all of your state’s requirements for this license before starting the application process. 

If You’re Going To Grow CBD, Be Sure You’re Doing It Legally! 

For most US residents, it’s risky to grow CBD hemp at home. Even if your state has relaxed marijuana laws, there’s no clear policy for growing CBD hemp flowers on private property. The only people who should grow CBD hemp are those who have a state-sponsored hemp cultivation license. 

If you have more questions about CBD legality — or you’re just curious what the top-rated CBD brands are — we’d recommend reviewing all the info on Real Tested CBD. Our team of researchers takes the time to examine CBD brands for compliance and quality standards. 

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