Despite Canada’s friendly stance towards recreational cannabis, it hasn’t been as welcoming of hemp CBD. Interestingly, CBD extracts remain a tightly controlled product in the Canadian provinces. The federal Health Canada organization only allowed a narrow range of CBD tinctures to be sold in officially licensed cannabis dispensaries. 

However, these harsh policies may soon change thanks to a recent Health Canada review. Thanks to this new policy change, it should be easier for Canadians to find hemp-derived CBD items for recreational purposes.  

Health Canada & Hemp In The Heat Of Summer — Proposed Changes To Canada’s CBD Retail Policies 

According to recent reports, Health Canada wrapped up a multi-year review examining recreational CBD products. This study focused on the “safety” of currently available CBD oils and their “efficacy” in non-doctor-approved settings. Health Canada officials at the Science Advisory Committee on Health Products Containing Cannabis took a close look at quality controls in the CBD industry before making a final verdict. 

At the end of July, Health Canada issued a favorable opinion of this data, and it signaled it would relax its stranglehold on the nation’s recreational CBD industry. Although CBD is available in many of Canada’s legal cannabis dispensaries, many smaller shops and non-cannabis retailers weren’t allowed to offer CBD items to regular customers. Thanks to this latest policy change, Health Canada may make it easier for Canadian retailers to order hemp-derived CBD products from the USA. 

How Is The CBD Market Different In The USA? 

Ironically, America has taken a more relaxed stance toward hemp CBD sales and cultivation versus Canada. Many people assume it will be easy to find CBD in Canada due to the nation’s lax laws on THC, but it’s actually trickier to find recreational CBD oils in Canadian provinces. 

Unlike Canada, US legislators opened the floodgates of the hemp CBD industry with the 2018 US Farm Bill. This new law clearly distinguished between legal hemp-derived items and federally illegal marijuana. To qualify as legal CBD oil in the USA, an extract must contain ≤ 0.3 percent delta-9 THC. 

Since technically anyone in the USA could sell hemp-derived items, it’s far easier to find CBD oils outside of dedicated cannabis dispensaries. Indeed, most Americans have probably seen CBD items in gas stations, convenience stores, and even in a few big-box retailers like CVS.

Whatever Canada Rules, Focus On COAs!

The Great White North’s CBD market may soon resemble the USA’s. However, no matter how Health Canada changes the nation’s CBD laws, third-party lab results will always be a significant factor when evaluating CBD products. 

Wherever you are in North America, you must ensure the CBD brand you’re working with puts its products through rigorous testing standards. It’s never a safe idea to take a CBD gummy, tincture, or oil if you can’t verify there aren’t toxic secondary compounds or high amounts of delta-9 THC.

Real Tested CBD wants to bring transparency to the budding North American CBD industry. Our team releases countless unbiased reviews and lab reports on some of the hottest hemp CBD products. You can find our current reviews for the best CBD oils on this page

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