Considering all of the news stories surrounding delta-8 THC products, you’d assume it would be easy for any American to walk to the nearby CBD shop and pick up a jar of delta-8 gummies. In reality, customers have greater difficulty finding delta-8 in their vicinity compared with CBD oils. Given delta-8’s controversial legal status, many brick-and-mortar retailers still aren’t comfortable offering this cannabinoid to consumers. 

How difficult it is to find “delta-8 THC near me” depends on your state. However, that doesn’t mean all hope is lost for those who can’t find delta-8 nearby. Below, we’ll go through the most common places to find delta-8 throughout the USA. 

Searching For “Delta-8 Near Me?” — Take A Peek In The Following Locations 

Vape Shops And CBD Stores 

Since delta-8 comes from the hemp plant and it’s popular in the vaping community, it makes sense that CBD and vape shops are common places to pick up this cannabinoid. Often, hemp stores and vape shops want to diversify their product offerings with delta-8 items. Since delta-8 is so profitable, many brick-and-mortar stores feel OK taking the risk of offering this new high-inducing hemp extract.

While there’s no guarantee every CBD or vape store in your area will carry delta-8 THC, it’s usually a great place to start your quest. Since CBD hemp and vaping are legal in all 50 states, they’re probably the most accessible location for most Americans to find delta-8 items. 

Health & Wellness Shops

Whether delta-8 is a “wellness” product is debatable. However, some alternative healing centers want to give their customers the option to try hemp-extracted delta-8 items. It’s not as common to find delta-8 versus CBD in natural health stores, but it’s not unheard of. So, if you’re having difficulty locating delta-8 in CBD retailers, headshops, and vape stores, it may be worth visiting a few natural wellness businesses. 

Legal Cannabis Dispensaries 

If you’re in a state with relaxed cannabis laws, chances are you’ll have an easier time finding delta-8 in your territory. States with chill weed policies are open to delta-9 THC recreationally or medicinally, so it makes sense that they’d be more accepting of delta-8.

There’s a good chance many legal cannabis dispensaries now carry a few delta-8 products. Sure, delta-9 is the specialty in recreational and medicinal dispensaries, but companies have begun expanding their cannabinoid offerings in recent years. For those who live in a “green state,” it’s worth checking out your legal dispensaries to see if they offer delta-8 goodies. 

Order Delta-8 Online 

Nothing beats the convenience of e-commerce. Plus, when you’re dealing with a controversial substance like delta-8, it may be easiest for most Americans to order this cannabinoid over the Internet. It’s far easier to find a wide assortment of delta-8 items online, including gummies, tinctures, and hemp flowers. Plus, most high-quality delta-8 stores offer third-party lab results and discreet shipping.

Unfortunately, there are shady dealers in the unregulated hemp market, especially online. You have to be extra on guard when evaluating all of the delta-8 stores that pop up on a Google search. If you can’t get crucial data like Certificates of Analysis, then you shouldn’t even bother with an online delta-8 retailer. 

Let Real Tested CBD Help You Find The Best Delta-8 

You can find out a lot about delta-8 in your area simply by Googling “delta-8 near me.” However, please remember that Real Tested CBD now has a Delta-8 Resource Center. Here, you’ll find dozens of educational articles and unbiased reviews on the most prominent delta-8 brands. Our team always publishes third-party lab results so you can see how we reached our conclusions. Discover delta-8 products you can trust with Real Tested CBD!

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