Delta-8 is in a weird legal situation. Even though a US federal court said hemp-derived delta-8 is legal in America, some states don’t recognize a difference between delta-9 and delta-8 products. There are also no laws on how old customers should be to order delta-8 THC. 

Due to the lack of scientific evidence on delta-8’s effects, it’s unknown at what age this cannabinoid is “safe” to use. However, most states and hemp shops have agreed to only sell delta-8 THC products to adults over 21. While this age restriction isn’t written in the 2018 US Farm Bill, it’s widely accepted in the current hemp industry. 

Explaining Age Restrictions On Delta-8 THC Products

If territories allow delta-8 THC, they will probably require hemp vendors to sell delta-8 products to adults over 21. This age requirement matches the laws every legal weed state has for delta-9 THC products. Even though many customers claim delta-8 THC isn’t as intense as delta-9, it has psychoactive effects. There’s also preliminary data that suggests THC has a more profound impact on brain health the younger a person uses it.

Does that mean delta-8 could alter a developing brain? Possibly. The data on delta-8’s long-term health impact is still unknown. However, considering delta-8’s similarity to delta-9, it warrants caution with younger users. Until we have more reliable data on delta-8’s effects, hemp vendors only sell their delta-8 products to adults over 21. 

Please note: Just because adults over 21 could order delta-8 THC doesn’t mean it’s the best choice for everyone’s situation. If potential customers have pre-existing conditions or take medications, delta-8 THC could have significant adverse effects. Patients should speak with their doctor before experimenting with delta-8 THC products

Does CBD Have Similar Age Requirements? 

In general, hemp vendors aren’t as strict with age requirements when selling CBD products. Since CBD is non-psychoactive, more people consider this cannabinoid to be “safer” than delta-8 THC. Also, CBD has proven therapeutic uses for many conditions, particularly children with epilepsy. 

However, this “safe” reputation doesn’t mean CBD oil is OK for children. As mentioned in a previous Real Tested CBD post, there’s still a lack of evidence on how CBD affects a child’s long-term health. Also, most children who take CBD have a doctor-recognized condition and a prescription-grade CBD extract. 

Parents shouldn’t buy this supplement for their children unless a pediatrician recommends trying CBD oil. We don’t have enough evidence to recommend CBD products to anyone under the age of 21. That doesn’t mean it’s illegal for people over 18 to order CBD in some states. Still, customers must recognize there aren’t tons of studies examining CBD’s safety and efficacy for kids and adolescents. 

If you’re a teen or young adult interested in CBD oil, please talk with a doctor before trying this supplement. You may be able to safely use CBD before reaching 21, but you should always research your state’s official laws and get an approval from your doctor. 

Please Don’t Rush Into Delta-8 Supplements! 

Many young adults can’t wait to give delta-8 a try, but that’s no excuse for ordering this cannabinoid before you reach 21. In many states, buying delta-8 products under this legal limit could result in severe penalties. Please be sure you know how your hometown regulates hemp-derived delta-8 THC before ordering products online or in vape shops.

Also, customers should always double-check their delta-8 THC products have clean third-party lab results. There are a lot of delta-8 brands selling items with excessive amounts of illegal delta-9. You may also run across delta-8 products with traces of toxic compounds like lead, mercury, or butane. 

Please remember that Real Tested CBD has a Delta-8 Resource Center to address all of the questions you may have surrounding this cannabinoid. Here, you could also find dozens of unbiased reviews on delta-8 gummies, tinctures, and flowers. 

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