“Dabbing” isn’t just a viral dance move. If you’re immersed in hemp or cannabis culture, you may have already heard of people “dabbing concentrates” with glass rigs to enjoy mega potent hits. Although dabbing is most trendy in the legal THC scene, it has also become a bigger part of the hemp market. Now that hemp CBD concentrates are widely available, it’s easier for customers to experiment with dabbing this non-psychoactive cannabinoid.

So, what exactly does dabbing CBD mean, and why would someone want to do it? Most significantly, is dabbing CBD a dangerous activity? 

The 101 On CBD Dabbing — What Is A CBD Dab? 

In essence, dabbing is a smoking technique that involves placing cannabis concentrate onto a hot surface and inhaling the resultant vapor. In the case of CBD dabbing, the hemp concentrate you’ll use will have a high percentage of CBD. CBD dabs can range in total CBD count, but most have at least 70 percent total CBD. 

The standard device used in dabbing culture is a glass “dabbing rig.” While this looks like a bong, it has a unique nail attachment you need to heat with a blowtorch. After the nail is steamy, dabbers take a tiny amount of their CBD concentrate and carefully place it on the hot surface. Lastly, dabbers inhale the vapor produced from this chemical reaction.

For those who don’t feel comfortable using a butane torch, there are e-nails that heat automatically. Plus, some cannabis vaporizers now have concentrate compatibility. 

Why Do People Dab CBD? 

When dabbing CBD, the feelings you’ll experience are way more potent than taking a tincture, edible, or vape cart. Understandably, the most common reason people use CBD dabs is to take advantage of its heightened potency.

There are many reasons someone might want to experience CBD at a greater intensity. For instance, many patients claim dabbing CBD offers immediate relief from symptoms like pain or anxiety. Many people use CBD dabs to produce sleepy effects or to have fun in a late-night party setting. 

Remember that dabbing CBD won’t make you feel a “stoned high” as you would with delta-9. Legal hemp CBD dabs need to have ≤ 0.3 percent delta-9 THC. However, you’ll probably feel a potent burst of calm once you inhale your CBD dab. People who aren’t used to CBD at this high intensity may find dabbing is disorienting, especially if they overdo their first dosage. 

Is Dabbing CBD Unsafe? 

Since dabbing is so high-potency, there are heightened risks associated with this delivery method. Using a butane torch can be incredibly dangerous if you don’t have proper training. You always need to keep a fire extinguisher nearby in case of catastrophic accidents. 

There’s no long-term data on the health effects of CBD dabbing. However, it’s safe to say that dabbing isn’t the best option for people with lung issues. Also, since you’re flooding your system with CBD, people will likely experience adverse side effects like headaches, intense fatigue, or nausea after trying a CBD dab.

Anyone who wants to try CBD dabbing should already have a high CBD tolerance and use their dabbing rig in a controlled setting. It’s also imperative that people use the highest-quality, lab-verified CBD products when trying this smoking method.  

Take Extra Care If You Choose To Dab CBD 

Dabbing CBD won’t appeal to everyone. If you have a pre-existing lung condition or feel no need to experience CBD’s max potency, it’s best to stick with more standard products like oils, edibles, and topicals. You could even try vaping CBD e-juices or smoking hemp flowers to enjoy a more intense CBD experience. 

However, there are situations where people may want to give CBD dabs a try. For instance, some patients claim dabbing CBD is the best way to overcome acute symptoms. Dabbing CBD is also a trendy recreational activity in party settings.

While CBD dabs won’t get users “high,” customers must screen these hemp extracts before using them. Unfortunately, it’s common for CBD concentrates to contain many impurities or above-average delta-9 THC concentrations. 

Please ask for a third-party lab test (aka Certificate of Analysis) when buying your CBD dabs. You can find out more about how to review CBD companies on Real Tested CBD’s official tabs

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