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Extrax (formerly Effex) is a brand that sells a variety of delta-8 products, a variety of delta-10 products, including cartridges, delta-8 pens, delta-8 gummies, and more! Extrax’s main focus is on the deltas in the cannabinoid spectrum. However, they also recently starting carrying some THC-O products.

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We have had the chance to test several Extrax products, and you can find the test results as well as our expert review on these products by clicking the individual products below. Make sure to take a look at the COA that we provide from our partner lab, as every product that we list on our site has been tested by our staff.
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extrax bubba og kush delta-8 thc hemp flower

Extrax Bubba OG Kush Delta-8 THC Hemp Flower

Extrax Bubba OG Kush Delta-8 THC Hemp Flower gets a recommended rating from our expert CBD review staff. This delta-8 THC flower is packed with cannabinoids, including over 550mg of d8-THC! Extrax (formerly Effex) has kept the d9-THC fairly low, and this d8 flower product passed residual solvent & pesticide testing.

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